Coronation Road spoilers for next week – drug spiral, revenge and devastating exit

Dang Quang Street will say goodbye to a resident after a misunderstanding sparks a tearful exit.

Yet when they discover the truth, is it too late?

Meanwhile, another will continue to seek her revenge by spinning a web of lies, which her (formerly) friend will be entangled in.

When the police arrived, did she go too far?

Elsewhere, another resident is suffering self-destruction as she grieve over her relationship with her dead son.

Here’s what’s coming on Corrie next week…

The airport passes by as Joseph leaves Weatherfield

Joseph Brown is set to split from his father Chesney after he explodes with Chesney (Sam Aston) and Gemma Winters (Dolly-Rose Campbell), telling them he wants to move out with his grandmother Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard ) to Portugal.

The mother of the late Katy Armstrong arrives on the cobblestones unaware of her nephew’s recent disappearance, which has father Chesney fearing the worst as police search for the missing boy.

Despite Chesney’s efforts to convince Linda that everything is fine with the family, it wasn’t long before the residents filled her with the recent movie revolving around Joseph.

Linda worked hard during her stay to bond with Joseph, something Chesney didn’t have time for as he raised four children.

Chesney said goodbye to his son Joseph



But Linda’s hesitant suggestion to Chesney that Joseph move to Portugal to live with her permanently – pointing to the family’s challenges with raising five children – prompts Chesney to angrily order Linda away. his son.

Later, when Joseph eavesdrops on Chesney and Gemma’s conversation about him, he misunderstands and claims to want to live with Linda in Portugal.

ITV revealers have now revealed that Chesney will be forced to part ways with Joseph after accepting that he could have had a better life in warmer climates.

Despite his feelings, Chesney told Gemma that he should accept that Joseph’s grandmother could offer him a better life in Portugal.

He then bites the bullet and tells Joseph that he’s prepared to let him move to Portugal with Linda, if that’s what he really wants.

Will Chesney be able to get to her son in time?



But Joseph was heartbroken inside, again thinking this was proof his father didn’t want him around.

In later scenes, Chesney meets Linda in Rovers and tells her she can give the young man he deserves.

But the situation then accelerated after an emergency forced Linda to call 5 with the announcement that she would be flying back to Portugal that night.

Still traumatized by an earlier conversation with his father, Joseph later says he’s coming with her – leaving Chesney and Gemma reeling.

As his son prepares to leave for the airport, Chesney is adamant that he is only in Joseph’s best interest.

An emotional group of Chesney, Gemma, Bernie, Fiz, Hope and Ruby gather on cobblestones to wave Joseph and Linda in their cab.

Fiz then calls 5 and urges Hope to tell Chesney what Joseph had said and she reveals that Joseph doesn’t want to go to Portugal, but feels they can’t afford to keep him.

Chesney panics when he realizes the big mistake in his decision and sets out with Gemma to the airport in pursuit of Joseph – but will they get to him in time? And will he forgive them for letting him go in the first place?

Sparks fly as Emma dates Ted’s nephew – but Faye smokes

Emma Brooker is closer to her grandson Jon Spear, Ted’s late retiree, despite the risk of a catastrophic accident early in the New Year.

Corrie fans watched Emma and Faye Windass collide with older man Ted, after Emma agreed to take over Craig Tinker as Faye’s driving instructor.

On New Year’s Day, tragedy strikes when Faye drives Emma home from a party the night before and hits Ted.

The pensioner regains consciousness and says he is fine as the couple assisted him back to his apartment, but he later died.

Guilty Emma attended Ted’s funeral, despite Faye begging her not to, and met Jon there.

Emma will approach Ted’s grandson



As Alexandra Mardell, who plays Emma, ​​prepares to leave the soap after four years in the role, tragedy may be rooted in what kept her away from the pebbles.

ITV revelations now reveal that Emma and Jon will be closer after a chance encounter, but are forced to keep their blossoming romance with Faye a secret.

The series begins on Monday, February 28 as Emma tracks down Ted’s grandson Jon in the Freshco parking lot as he collects the stroller.

Though she thought she was stalking him undetected, Jon later phoned Rovers looking for Emma to tell her he’d spotted her.

Will Emma be able to fight Jon?



Jon admits to Emma that he’s thought about her a lot since his grandfather’s funeral and suggests they go out for a bite to eat.

During dinner at Speed ​​Daal, sparks flew between the pair and it was clear that Jon was completely mesmerized.

But later in the beauty parlor’s apartment, Faye criticizes Emma for dating him and points out that Craig has sacrificed his career to work for them.

But when Emma’s phone beeps with a text from Jon, can she resist?

The series continues into the weekend on Friday, March 4, when Emma promises Faye she won’t see Jon again.

But then Jon runs into Emma as she watches the clips on her phone, suggesting they have a night of Netflix and Chill along with a movie and popcorn.

Emma is tempted, so will she return to her promise to Faye? And if Jon discovers the truth about Emma’s involvement in his grandfather’s death, will their tentative cover-up fall to pieces?

‘Bunny boiler’ Lydia puts Adam to the test of the police after Sarah dumps him

Lydia Chambers will wreak more havoc on ex-boyfriend Adam Barlow’s life when she takes him to the police a second time.

Rabbit boiler conspirator (Rebecca Ryan) has enlisted her attorney Adam (Sam Robertson) ever since she first set foot on the cobblestone, when fans learned that she had been running a stealth operation. to ruin his marriage to Sarah (Tina O’Brien).

Lydia harassed Adam with multiple mysterious phone calls, vandalizing his car, and a Valentine’s Day bouquet with an ominous message – all to seek revenge for the way he treated him. her when they were dating in college.

Adam was further offended by the trauma when he refused to admit he missed Lydia and now she had to convince his wife Sarah that he might be having an affair.

Lydia continues to interfere in Adam and Sarah’s relationship

In recent footage, Lydia flaunts stunning lingerie from her mysterious suitor, before the tearful later reveal to Sarah that his identity is believed to be Adam.

ITV revealers have now revealed that the drama will escalate next week, with Lydia once again getting Adam into trouble with the police after she previously provoked a police raid at the office. his room.

The plot begins on Monday, February 28, when Sarah confirms that Lydia will not be returning to work in the factory.

Adam then assured Carla and Daniel that he hadn’t slept with Lydia since the rest of his days, but Carla and Daniel didn’t believe what he was saying.

Adam calls the factory and tries his best to convince Sarah that Lydia is an evil fantasy, but Sarah doesn’t believe the same.

Over the weekend on Friday, March 4, Adam again tried to convince Sarah that Lydia was lying.

Back at the apartment, Sarah asks Lydia to give her the specific date and time when she is said to have slept with Adam.

Adam received a call from the police

Later, when Sarah assumes the whole affair was a lie, Lydia shows her threatening texts and says they were from Adam.

When Sarah points out they’re from another number, Lydia tells her to call the number and see for herself.

Sarah is then shocked to dial the number and discovers a ringing phone in Adam’s drawer.

When Adam returned to the apartment later, Sarah was dumping his things outside, prompting him to call Lydia in desperation.

Naughty Lydia then spots a few passersby and plays the victim, yelling at the scared Adam to leave her alone.

When she opens the door and lets Adam in, he’s horrified to find that she’s moved her house into the trash in another elaborate attempt to trap him.

When he pulled out his phone to call the police, Lydia told him it was too late and they were there.

If Adam is in serious trouble now, how can he talk out of this problem? And will he be able to mend his marriage to Sarah?

Abi turned to drugs when Kevin threw her out

Abi Franklin hit rock bottom after her husband Kevin Webster finally found out she was cheating and asked her to leave their home.

The bomb blast looks set to tear apart the much-loved ITV couple, after Abi (Sally Carman) accidentally reveals her affair with Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) in front of Kevin (Michael Le Vell), leaving him devastated.

It all started when the couple and Kevin’s son Jack decided to go on a trip in their camp van, amid the drama surrounding Abi’s plan to adopt Jack.

After Abi urges her best friend Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) to keep her infidelity a secret, amid threats to tell Kevin the truth, the affair happens accidentally when Abi’s phone calls. connected to a bluetooth speaker within earshot of Kevin.

Spinning in shock, he quickly drove off, leaving the fate of their relationship in the air until next week on the soap.

Abi will hit bottom



ITV software leaks now reveal the devastating devastation next week will lead Abi to drug use in a dark time.

The series begins on Monday, February 28, when Imran surprises Toyah (Georgia Taylor) with an engagement ring during a pub dinner.

Meanwhile, after talking to Kevin, Debbie is forced to reveal the delicate news of their marriage to Abi and bring her into the office to chat.

She gently explained that Kevin wanted her to move out by the time he got home.

Abi was still reeling, then when Toyah excitedly showed off her engagement ring, she fainted and surprised her new-in-law with her fiery reaction.

Kevin struggles to deal with Abi .’s cheating



The series continues on Friday, March 4, as Abi begins to slide down a disturbingly slippery slope as her substance abuse problems begin to arise.

Abi packed her things before Kevin returned to No 13 and then went to Victoria Garden to hit the vodka again.

As she scrolled through pictures of Seb, Toyah found Abi while she was drinking and urged her to go to a support group.

Abi agrees, but has no intention of doing so and only says it to silence Toyah.

She then goes one step further in the following scenes, when she introduces Toyah to Dean and reveals that he is her sponsor, assisting her in her battle with her addiction.

Toyah is pleased, but out of her sight, Dean gives Abi a bag of drugs and the two share a conspiratorial laugh at Toyah’s expense.

Is this the beginning of a dangerous downward spiral for Abi? And did her marriage to Kevin really end well?

* Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV

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