Corrie spoilers for next week: The tragedy of death, the scared child and the triple escape


Coronation Street fans can expect a lot of drama and romance next week on ITV.

It is teased that multiple characters could leave the show in the same week, or at least leave Weatherfield.

Laura Neelan was told she had only hours to live, with her daughter Kelly being urged to say their final goodbyes in Friday’s episode, which suggests the character will sadly pass away very soon.

Elsewhere, Fiz Brown is leaving for the first time since setting foot on the cobblestones in 2001 – while she doesn’t seem to have left the soap altogether.

There’s also a way out for Emma Brooker, who is being kept under wraps – while it’s safe to assume that her new lover Jon won’t stay after she’s gone, no matter how she leaves. how.

Here’s everything ahead on the ITV soap from Monday…

Emma leaves the show

Emma Brooker is set to leave the cobblestone after actress Alexandra Mardell announced she’s ditched the soap

Emma Brooker is set to leave the series after actress Alexandra Mardell announced she had dropped out of the film and her backstory has now been confirmed.

Emma and Faye (Ellie Leach) have had to live with the guilty secret that they knocked out pensioner Ted on New Year’s Eve, just before he died in her apartment.

Emma has since embarked on a secret relationship with Ted’s nephew Jon Spear, putting her at risk of being exposed.

While Emma and Jon’s romance has blossomed, ITV revealers have revealed that it will all be revealed in dramatic scenes before Emma leaves Weatherfield.

Emma and Jon’s romance has blossomed

Filming begins on Monday, April 14, as Emma considers a big move as Jon shares his plans to open a beach bar in Australia.

At the end of the week, Emma and Faye have their daggers drawn when Jon unexpectedly arrives at the apartment.

Jon demands answers and a dazed Faye says they are responsible for their grandfather’s death – could this be the end for Faye and Emma?

ITV revelations reveal that on Friday, April 8 Emma leaves Weatherfield – but will she leave in the midst of a happy ending or is her escape from the law?

Imran and Abi exposed

Coronation Street revealers confirm the truth will be exposed next week on ITV, when the secret about Abi Franklin and Imran Habeeb’s baby comes to light



Coronation Street fans will be seeing explosive scenes next week, when the ITV drama airs at the time Abi Franklin and Imran Habeeb were discovered.

Abi and Imran had a secret date last September, which resulted in Abi becoming pregnant.

She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 6 months pregnant, when she gave birth prematurely and welcomed baby Alfie.

The little one has been hospitalized since she was born earlier this month, while her partner Kevin learned of the affair and realized he wasn’t her biological child.

What Kevin doesn’t know, until he soon discovers that Imran is the father – while Toyah, Imran’s partner also doesn’t know the truth.

Next week, vandals confirm that the truth has come out – after previous vandals revealed Kevin would find Alfie’s birth certificate, which listed Imran as the father.

Abi is stunned to find Toyah in little Alfie’s incubator



The reveal for the episodes began on Monday hinting at previous dramatic scenes, when Toyah was devastated by news of Imran and Abi’s betrayal.

As she ponders her next move with Elsie’s adoption, she rushes to the hospital – leaving Abi stunned to find her in little Alfie’s incubator.

What will Toyah have to say to her, and will she forgive Abi’s lies?

Faye and baby Craig are scared

Coronation Street will air a worrying time for Faye Windass and partner Craig Tinker next week



Coronation Street will air an unsettling time for Faye Windass and partner Craig Tinker next week, according to news revealed for the ITV soap.

Pregnant Faye will be taken to hospital for a CT scan, after she feared she would lose her unborn child.

Faye only found out she was pregnant in Friday’s episode, before she broke the news to her emotional partner Craig – amid a troubled relationship between the two.

In the upcoming scenes, during a stressful time for the characters, Faye will feel unwell and fear the worst.

Craig drove his girlfriend to the hospital, and she’ll soon have a newborn scan to find out what’s going on



As she stepped out of the bathroom, she confided in her roommate Emma Brooker that she believed she was about to lose her baby.

Craig drove his girlfriend to the hospital, and she quickly underwent a baby check-up to find out what was going on.

However, the couple could not help but be stunned by what they were told when they received the results of the CT scan.

Viewers will have to stay tuned next week to find out what happens and if Faye’s baby is okay.

Laura has many hours to live

Coronation Road spoilers hinted at Laura Neelan’s untimely death next week on ITV



Coronation Street vandals hinted that Laura Neelan will unfortunately die next week on ITV.

The character returned to the pebbles earlier this year and confirmed to daughter Kelly that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Just days ago, Kelly’s life was torn apart when her mother confessed to the brutal murder of her father Rick Neelan.

Kelly’s life is torn apart when her mother confesses to the murder of her father, Rick Neelan



Of course viewers know it’s Gary Windass, Kelly’s current unofficial guardian who murdered Rick three years ago and buried his body.

Next week, vandals showed up confirming Laura would pass away as she was told by doctors she had only a few hours left to live.

When Gary hears the news, he desperately wants to reconnect and considers it his fault, and he does his best to work things out with Kelly before it’s too late.

Fiz out of the pebbles

Spoilers for next week on ITV channel reveal character going through her and partner Phill’s house move plan

The reveal for next week on ITV revealed the character going through her and her partner Phill’s plan to move house and get away from the pebbles.

When the moment came, she cast doubt as she asked her ex Tyrone, the father of her children, if she was doing the right thing.

With the house sold and the moving truck packed, it’s time for Fiz to say goodbye to the street she’s lived on for 21 years.

Fiz will soon be looking around her to return to her old home, and wonder if she is doing the right thing.

She confessed to Tyrone that she was worried she was making a big mistake, but Tyrone hid her sadness about the news.

Wanting her to be happy, but not realizing how much she doubts the move, he tells her she deserves a big house and a new life with Phill and the kids. .

Tyrone covered his own sadness about the news

He soon waved to her as Fiz and co drove off the famous street after saying their goodbyes, while Tyrone was clearly heartbroken about the move.

However, by the end of the week, and Fiz was back on the cobblestones, it seemed that although she had moved elsewhere, she had no plans to leave the streets permanently.

Any theories or thoughts on the plot? Let us know in the comments section below.

Dang Quang Street broadcasts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 pm on ITV channel.

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