Could the Boba Fett book bring back a main character from the Mandalorian?

But we also know Grogu became one of Luke’s first students. What we don’t know for sure is when Luke officially opens his Jedi Academy, which first officially appeared in the comics circa 19 ABY. Of course, we know the tragedy that awaits this academy at the hands of Luke’s nephew, Ben Solo, who was born in 5 ABY and started his Jedi training with Luke around 15 ABY, six years after Grogu. We don’t see Grogu in any of Ben’s comic adventures with Luke, which shows Baby Yoda is probably not present when Ben turns against the dark and destroys his uncle’s hidden Jedi temple. Yes, we are also relieved.

Theory of Luke or Luke

There’s also another theory, far from fans, that a) explains why Grogu wasn’t at Luke’s academy later on, and b) paved the way for Din to bring his adopted son back. back to normal. What if the person who rescued Grogu on the Royal cruiser wasn’t Luke Skywalker? What if Din accidentally entrusted Grogu’s care to an evil clone in Luke’s shadow?

We have to go back to the current continuum of Unorthodox Myths to explain this. You see, in 9 ABY’s old In the timeline, Luke is cloned by a mad dark Jedi named Joruus C’baoth, himself a clone of the Prequel Jedi Master. Joruus hopes to train this Luke clone as an apprentice in his dark side as part of his plan to take over the remnants of the Empire for his own. The funny name “Luuke” appearing in the novel is generally appreciated Last commandthe third and final book in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy.

So why is this far-fetched theory so compelling? Good, Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett Executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have used elements from this book trilogy before. The most obvious callback is the reference to Great Admiral Thrawn himself in Mandalorian episode 2 season 2 “The Jedi”, where it is revealed that Ahsoka Tano is hunting the villain of the Empire. Taken back to canon for the first time in the animated series Rebels by Filoni, Thrawn has long been speculated to be the great lousy of not only Ahsoka live-action series come to Disney+ but the big bad of Mandalorian The era is presented as a whole, with the Empire commander pulling the strings of all the movies. Lucasfilm even announced a big crossover event for these shows, it is possible to record the final battle with Thrawn.

There are also classic stories that can set up a twisted Luke clone. In Last commandwe know that Luuke was cloned from genetic material extracted from Luke’s severed hand, and we know Lucasfilm has long been interested in bringing the hand back to the Disney era – JJ Abrams considered the use of the cut-off spinner as a plot point in Divine Power Awakens, Eg. The hand finally reappeared in last year’s canon comics Darth Vader #11. It is revealed that it was recovered by Emperor Palpatine, who then brought it to the hidden Sith temple on Exegol for unknown purposes. Coincidentally, this temple is also where Palpatine is developing the cloning technology needed for his eventual return to the world. The Rise of Skywalker. After the Emperor’s first death, will Thrawn reach out and figure out how to clone Luke? (This would, of course, contradict the way Palpatine struggled to create a Force-sensitive cloning vessel of her own.)

But what is the likelihood of a Luke twist on Disney+? Luke appears in Mandalorian It seems intended to be a moment of hope and recognition, not a setting for a later “gotcha”. While Disney has been happy to include book characters in shows, even lesser-known characters like Cobb Vanth, Luuke is certainly at the end of the spectrum. The revelation that the Luke that destroyed the Dark Legion wasn’t Luke at all is also likely to draw the ire of some fans, who feel they’ve finally received their version of the Jedi hero that they were. always wanted to see after the Original Trilogy. It’s a speech Disney might want to avoid later The Last Jedi Could the Boba Fett book bring back a main character from the Mandalorian?

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