Countries with nuclear weapons

Fears of a nuclear conflict ran high after Russia invaded Ukraine and Vladimir Putin placed his nation’s nuclear weapons on “special alert”.

At the beginning of the invasion, BBC reported that the Russian president hinted at a nuclear attack, warned that “anyone who tries to hinder us” in Ukraine will suffer consequences “you have never seen in your history”. He then increased his profits by ordering the Russian military to place deterrence forces, including nuclear weapons, on “special alert”.

British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab dismissed it as “bloated rhetoric and ingenuity” and others agreed that it was just part of Putin. psychological warfare.

However, The Times’ Daniel Finkelstein question why strategists expect Russia to be “reasonable” with its weapons of mass destruction when Invasion of Ukraine was “put it politely, not rationally”.

It’s time we “discussed our approach to a weapon that could kill millions, possibly even make the Earth uninhabitable,” he wrote.

Ego Special correspondent for the news site Patrick Cockburn said the risk of a nuclear war is “becoming greater than it was during the first Cold War because Russia under President Vladimir Putin was much weaker – and therefore more capable of using nuclear weapons – than the Soviet Union was during the Cold War.” the pinnacle of power”.

Cockburn predicts that “as the war in Ukraine increasingly attracts other powers and Putin becomes more desperate, the likelihood of a nuclear exchange increases.”

Here are the countries that are known – and those that are rumored – to have nuclear weapons.

Nuclear countries

“At the dawn of the nuclear age, the United States hopes to maintain its monopoly on new weapons,” according to the report. Arms Control Association (ACA). “But the secrets and technology of making the atomic bomb soon spread.”

A total of at least 31 countries have “crushed nuclear weapons at one time or another”, said The Economist.

Nine countries are currently known to have nuclear weapons.

The latest data from the Arms Control Association shows that more than 90% of all nuclear warheads in the world belong to Russia and WE. Putin is believed to be sitting in the “world’s largest stockpile of nuclear warheads”, with an estimated total of 6,257, “closely followed” by the US, at 5,500, said. CNN.

China, France and UK “Round up the top five,” the broadcaster continued, with 350, 290 and 225 respectively.

The United Nations Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which entered into force in 1970, classifies these five countries as nuclear weapon states (NWS). The treaty committed the 191 member states of the United Nations to prevent further proliferation of nuclear weapons, with the goal of achieving complete nuclear disarmament.

The total number of nuclear weapons in the world has decreased from 70,000 in 1968 to about 14,000. BBC.

However, the three countries that do not sign the historic treaty are known to possess nuclear arsenals. The Arms Control Association estimates that Pakistan has 165 nuclear warheads and India Yes 156, while Israeli is supposed to have 90.

North Korea also believed to have between 40 and 50 warheads, “considered insurance against a pre-emptive US strike”, writes BBCsecurity reporter Frank Gardner. Hermit status has conduct a series of nuclear tests are from withdrew from NPT in 2003.

The country’s state media KCNA reported that a hypersonic missile had been successfully tested in early 2022, which it believes “will alarm neighboring countries, especially Japan and South Korea”. Gardner continued. The weapons are “unpredictable” and “hard to intercept”, and “they also leave nations to guess whether they carry conventional or nuclear high-explosive warheads”.

The Arms Control Association said Iran, Iraq and Libya had also violated the terms of the treaty by pursuing nuclear activities, “and Syria is suspected of doing the same”.

The Economist warned that while the nuclear ambitions of “geopolitical devastation” such as Libya and Syria could be quelled, “in the next decade, the threat could include nuclear heavyweights.” economically and diplomatically, whose ambitions will be more difficult to contain”.

The Arms Control Association issued a more positive note, noting that “catastrophic predictions decades ago that the world would soon be home to dozens of nuclear weapons failed to materialize.” real”. Countries with nuclear weapons

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