Coup to remove Vladimir Putin a ‘realistic possibility’ as top security officials revolt – World News

A Russian expert believes that the chances of Vladimir Putin launching a nuclear attack are diminishing as it is likely that his orders will not be carried out by officials.

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Putin: ‘Officials may not obey orders’ Grozev says

Vladimir Putin’s top security officials believe the “war is lost” because his key ministers will disobey orders to launch a nuclear attack.

And a coup against the Russian President is now a realistic possibility, according to Moscow expert and investigative journalist Christo Grozev.

However, the possibility of Mr. Putin launching a nuclear attack is decreasing because it is more likely that his orders will not be carried out, the Russian expert believes.

This is because top security apparatuses are not confident that he will remain in power for three months.

“I think it’s the elite who are informed in the security forces that understand that war is loss,” he told Radio Liberty.

Russia’s top security apparatus understands that Putin will need to mobilize his entire population to win the war, but this will cause a “social outburst” in Russia.

Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the Russian General Staff (LEFT) and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu



There may be pressure on the use of nuclear or chemical weapons from the hardliners.

But others said “enough is enough” and “it is better not to waste another 10,000 lives of our soldiers and officers”.

Regarding the possible scenarios now, Grozev – who is affiliated with the UK online research facility Bellingcat – he said: “Of course, there is the choice that Putin himself makes to make some decisions. important, such as the use of nuclear weapons. “

But this could lead to rejection by one or more of the “five hands” needed to unleash Russia’s deadliest weapon.

“And this refusal, is most likely the cause of a coup, because after refusing to obey the king’s orders, things will go downhill very quickly,” he said.

Grozev saw that the chances of using nuclear weapons were dwindling.

“If Putin decides to give the order to use nuclear weapons, he has to make sure that everyone in the chain will carry out the order,” he said.

Investigative journalist Christo Grozev believes a coup against the Russian president is now a realistic possibility


Christo Grozev / e2w)

“He understands the five hands… have to press the buttons in sequence.

“If one [person] failure to comply, this would be a signal of uncoordination and possibly even the physical death of Putin.

“So until he is sure that everyone will comply, he will not issue this order.

“Whether Putin will be in power in three months or not, the security forces are not yet clear.

Denis Pushilin leads the separatists in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic


AFP via Getty Images)

“So they couldn’t accept assurances from him that he would keep them safe.”

It is reported that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of Defense Staff Valery Gerasimov will need to punish a nuclear attack.

During the war, Putin made headlines with an official carrying a Russian nuclear briefcase.

Grozev also said that Defense Ministry flights to a command-and-control bunker believed to be near Ufa – 725 miles east of Moscow – have decreased since the beginning of the war.

Russian experts believe that Putin will need an all-out mobilization to win the war



“The flights for the elite, which we recorded a month ago, are not so intense now,” he said.

Grozev says that senior figures in the FSB – Russia’s main internal security agency – and on the GRU military intelligence directorate – are preparing for life after Putin.

The “intellectual section of the GRU” who are “well-informed” understands the quagmire Putin is in, he said.

“And also the elite forces of the FSB, which know the specific number of victims in the Russian military, and understand that the mothers, wives, sisters of Russian soldiers who have died or gone missing do not stop asking questions. .

“They knew that this situation would eventually get out of hand.

President Putin’s security officials believe ‘war is loss’



“These are parts of the security forces that know the dangers to the regime, and they themselves are now preparing for their future.

“Some of them are looking for opportunities to get their families out of Russia, all of them looking to convert their accumulated money (corrupt money in many cases) into dollars and euros.

“This has been a kind of betrayal by these people, because they are not following the ideological dictates of the Kremlin, but are preparing for an alternate reality.”

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