Court is told that Ryan Giggs made his ex-girlfriend “a slave to all his needs and demands”.

Ryan Gigg’s ex-girlfriend told court yesterday she realized she was “lured” into an affair with the former footballer after reading a psychology book.

Ate Greville, 36, told jurors that after researching coercion online, she was convinced the ex-Manchester United winger was suffering from “narcissistic personality disorder”.

Ms Greville said she had read How to win friends and influence people for work purposes, and that Mr. Giggs’ “mind games” reminded her of that.

The defense told Manchester Crown Court that the suggestion that Mr Giggs use psychological tricks to lure Ms Greville into a relationship was “rubbish”.

During her research into compulsion, Ms Greville – who said she is “really into psychology” – found that Mr Giggs suffered from “narcissistic personality disorder”.

The tan comes out well and the bruises from sex come out well too!!

The court also heard Ms Greville lost two phones after police asked to check them for evidence.

One fell out of her pocket while trying to rescue her dog from a river and the other was stolen by a “young person” while she was out walking in central Manchester.

Chris Daw QC, acting for the accused, told the court: “Late last year you finally allowed the police access to a very limited amount of data on the mobile phone.

“Have you deleted anything that may have been relevant?”


Court drawing of Ryan Giggs in court watching his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville testify on police video

Ms Greville replied: “I deleted some messages between myself and the person we mentioned earlier – the person who worked with PR – to protect him because I didn’t want him associated with this case becomes.”

It also emerged Ms Greville refused to allow police access to her iCloud account to recover messages from the stolen phone because she didn’t want details of her business to be revealed and she feared being discredited as a witness to become.

Mr Daw asked Ms Greville, a public relations manager: “Does Mr Giggs’ socialite and wealth have anything to do with your interest in him?”

She replied: “No. Not in the slightest. It made him more attractive as a person because he had done a good job and was successful.

“It wasn’t the money side or that he was a footballer that made him attractive. The fact that he is a footballer put me off rather.”

Just a day before the trial began, Ms Greville wrote in a statement presented to the court that she had “become a slave to Mr Giggs for all his needs and demands”.

When asked by Mr Daw if she really meant it, she said: “That’s what it felt like. If Ryan said do something, I would do it.

“Sometimes there was resistance … I had to do everything he said or there would have been consequences.”

The jury was shown messages from Mr Giggs to his then on-off girlfriend, in which he repeatedly told her how proud he was of her, that she was “amazing” and that he loved her.


Court artist sketch by Ryan Giggs in court before Judge Hilary Manley

Mr Daw told the court that this was much more typical of their exchanges during their relationship – in contrast to the foul-mouthed messages highlighted by prosecutors.

Ms Greville agreed, saying Mr Giggs would “fall her in love” with messages, adding: “I literally thought he was the best thing in the world.”

The contents of the “blackmail” email at the heart of the coercion proceedings were revealed yesterday afternoon.

Ms Greville hinted it was a sex tape of her and Mr Giggs, the defense said, but she never looked at it.

But, the defense says, it was actually video of her and other women dancing to Wham!’s in black dresses and Santa hats last christmas at a company party played in court.

The fact that he’s a footballer put me off

Mr Daw told Ms Greville: “They wanted to make it appear that Mr Giggs was blackmailing you with a possible sex tape.

“But you see a big difference between a video of you dancing at a work party and a sex tape, don’t you?”

Ms Greville agreed: “There is a big difference but I haven’t tried to hide it. I said at the time he sent it I thought it was a sexual video but he made me feel like it was a sexual video with a sexual nature.

It turned out that the plaintiff and the defendant “often … sent intimate pictures of you.”

The court was also reminded of an incident at a Dubai hotel in September 2017, in which Ms Greville said Mr Giggs pulled her out of bed naked by the wrist, bruising her, after an argument.


Ex-footballer Ryan Giggs in court

Mr Giggs told Ms Greville she had to go and she refused, the court was told.

Mr Daw said: “You weren’t dragged anywhere… there was no attack from him… What I’m saying is that Ryan actually said if you weren’t going he put a blanket and a pillow down on the sofa. He made you a bed on the sofa.”

This was not true, Ms Greville insisted, saying Mr Giggs gave her the “cold shoulder” for four to five days.

But a special message to her from Mr Giggs during that time read: “I just wanted to remind you how amazing you are and how proud you should be of everything you’ve done.

It was a bruise brought on by rough sex – the kind they both enjoyed

“Moving to another country and doing what you’ve done is amazing…everything…the way you make me smile, laugh, turn me on, educate me, even on my toes draw… I love you. ”

The court heard that Ms Greville told a friend that a bruise on her wrist she sustained in Dubai was actually the result of rough sex.

Ms Greville said she told her friend because she was “embarrassed”.

Mr Daw read the ex-footballer a message to the court from Ms Greville which read: ‘The tan is coming out well’ and ‘My sex bruise is coming out well too!’

She told the court: “I said in a phone conversation [with Mr Giggs] that Elsa noticed and that I told her it happened during sex.”


Ryan Giggs and his legal team

Mr Daw replied: “That’s a complete lie, isn’t it? It was a bruise brought on by rough sex — the kind you both enjoyed.”

The jury heard Mr Giggs and Ms Greville recorded a catalog of intimate videos of themselves.

When she returned to the UK from the Middle East, the court heard she was employed by Mr Giggs and his former team-mate Gary Neville’s company GG Hospitality at a six-figure salary.

The former Welsh manager is on trial at Manchester Crown Court on charges of assaulting Ms Greville and subjecting her to controlling and coercive behavior from August 2017 to November 2020.

He denies the allegations.

The process goes on.

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