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A group of Russian soldiers captured during the war in Ukraine have spoken out against the Kremlin, with one saying the Ukrainian army will never be defeated.

Russian soldiers criticize the invasion
Russian soldiers criticize the invasion

Russian troops captured in Ukraine have called on their people to rebel against Vladimir Putin, warning that their comrades are being thrown into mass graves.

A group of Russian soldiers sent to Ukraine spoke out against their government during a press conference with the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Alexei Zheleznyak, a soldier from the 34th separate motorized rifle brigade stationed in the Russian Republic of Karachay-Cherkess, surrendered to the forces of the opposing country.

He warned Putin that he would never be able to send enough troops into Ukraine to occupy the country.

“Putin, not declaring war, is bombing residents, hospitals, cities of Ukraine,” he said, according to translation of the press conference.

They appeared at an Interfax press conference


Polaris / eyevine)

“People of Russia, don’t look at zombies. Ukrainians are a brave people. They will stop this (Russian) device even without weapons. They are united.

“No matter how much Putin sends his troops here, he will not take this territory… Our commander-in-chief is a liar and deceives all of our people.

“He deceived not only us, but the whole of Russia. He simply got the fascists out of us.”

Mustafaev Mugsad, of the 34th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Federation, urged his compatriots to ignore state propaganda about the war.

He talked about Ukrainians currently sheltering from Russian bombs.

“I wouldn’t say if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. People will remember our aggression for centuries.

“Everyone, Russian military men, finally take off your rose-tinted glasses and see what’s happening in Ukraine.”

Mr. Mugsad went on to apologize that “the army of the Russian Federation has brought pain and devastation, in one day robbing the peaceful life of the Ukrainian people.”

Igor Rudenko, signal officer of the 126th separate coastal defense brigade of the Russian Federation, told a news conference that his “decide to surrender was the right one”.

He said that the Russians had lost and that the Ukrainian army would “destroy” them, claiming that 15,000 had died.

It is difficult to confirm soldier casualties on either side, but official estimates put the figure much lower.

“If you (Russian military) are left with honor, don’t repeat my mistakes,” Rudenko said.

A 70-year-old man evaluates his demolished apartment in Kyiv


NurPhoto / PA images)

“Let’s send the army, because Putin doesn’t need us. He doesn’t even take the corpses. They’re thrown in mass graves. It’s hard to see.”

He also added that as an ethnic Ukrainian originally from the Dnipropetrovsk region, he was “on his knees begging forgiveness from the Ukrainian people for betraying my people.”

The commander of the automotive division of the 126th isolated coastal defense brigade, Alexander Fomenko, called on his compatriots to take to the streets in protest.

“I ask you to take out the road,” he said.

“Don’t be afraid of our government. They won’t trample the mob. Yes, they will detain 10.00-20,000 people, but there are more of you.

“You can go out and stop this chaos. Everyone must suffer here in peace, children.”

Police officers arrest a man during an anti-conflict protest in Ukraine in central Moscow


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The Kremlin has yet to respond to the press conference, which came after several unofficial videos of captured Russian soldiers expressing regret over the invasion circulated.

Publishing videos of prisoners of war is a gray area within the Geneva Convention – an international treaty designed to regulate war.

Article 13 of the treaty states that “prisoners of war must always be protected, especially against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity”.

It is unclear under what conditions the soldiers appeared during the press conference and whether they were coerced or coerced to speak out against the Kremlin.

It is also difficult to gauge the level of support for the war in Russia.

Putin appeared at a major pro-war rally in Moscow on Friday, where tens of thousands of Russians sang the national anthem in a carefully choreographed event.

Police forces brutally suppressed anti-war protests by arresting tens of thousands of people and checking civilians’ phones for anti-Kremlin messages.

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