Crypto Twitter Unites To Raise Funds For Cancer Treatment From Community Members

When a respected member of Crypto Twitter and the Deadfellas Nonfungible Token (NFT) community detailed the immense financial burden of his cancer treatment, the crypto community demonstrated their kindness and generosity by donating over $73,000 in funds.

Yopi, known as @kuiyopi on Twitter, joined the crypto ecosystem in July 2021. He discovered that crypto served as a welcome distraction from his health concerns, providing moments of joy and entertainment even during his 6-month chemotherapy regimen.

Throughout that time, he enjoyed the content of crypto personalities like Cobie, opened up about his attempts at learning Spanish, and indulged in meme culture while always sharing sensitive Announcements, sympathyand visions to support fellow cancer sufferers within the community – even in a space where user identities are largely anonymous.

However, on April 6, heartbreaking news reached him. Doctors at Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces Military Hospital performed an MRI scan of his right hip and revealed “infiltrative damage to the medullary bone of the upper and middle third of the right femoral diaphysis associated with recurrence.”

In simpler and more apt terms, his cancer had returned.

According to Yopi, the doctors explained that he needed stem cell transplant therapy. Normally, the primary treatment in these circumstances would be chemotherapy, but having previously administered such a regimen, this was no longer a viable option.

In addition, the estimated insurance costs totaled $50,000, a sum that a self-proclaimed “amateur Ponzi shitcoins trader” simply could not afford.

Needing help, Yopi turned to the crypto twitter community and pondered a philosophical memorandum that “Happiness is the most important factor in life that is most neglected, people [ppl] love to give all the credit for their success, but never admit they were lucky.”

Twitter user @halo4dog1 divided an English translation of the letter to improve the readability of the results.

Orchestrated by infamous DeFi investigator zachxbt, Yopi’s tweet received tremendous support from some of the industry’s biggest figures, including renowned NFT artist Cozomo – the true identity of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg – MoonOverlord and President of FTX US Brett Harrison, and TheShamdoo. among many others.

Analysis of blockchain data shows that Yopi’s wallet, titled beastmo.eth, received a total of 107 transactions – 94 in ETH, 5 in USDT, 3 in USDC, 2 in DAI, 1 in WETH, 1 in LINK, and 1 in APE — in the fourteen hours following his tweet.

These selfless acts took his total wallet balance to $74,268.60, a figure that beats his insurance bill by over 48.5% and is still growing as of this writing.

In a series of emotional responses, Yopi declared his love and admiration for the crypto community and thanked them for their warmth and kindness. “Man, that was incredible for me. I don’t even know what to say, I’m living in a dream and I hope to be born again, I love you.”