Dana Bash Fact Checks Donald Trump’s Court Whining on CNN


As Trump attended his civil fraud trial this week, he grumbled that it kept him away from the 2024 campaign.

“This is politics,” the former president said. “Now it was very successful for them because they stopped me from campaigning. Because I sat in a courthouse all day instead of being in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or a lot of other places I could be.”

“Fact check,” Bash said.

Trump “doesn’t have to be there, there’s no obligation, he’s not required by law to be there,” she said.

“His campaign aides are making it pretty clear that they believe this is the best campaign stop for him, the best short-term use of his time as a candidate that he possibly could have made,” Bash added Video shared online by Mediaite.

Bloomberg’s Salea Mosin agreed that Trump is “on the campaign trail” in court and is using it to “sow more distrust” and talk to his base.

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