Daniel Kinahan and the Kinahan Cartel: US is offering a $5 million reward for vital information on the Kinahan gang

US Ambassador to Ireland Claire Cronin has announced there is a $5 million reward for key information leading to the dismantling of the Kinahan gang.

He told a press conference at Dublin City Hall that the US State Department is suspending rewards for information leading to the “financial disruption” of the transnational group Kinahan, or for the arrest and sentencing of its leaders.

The three leaders are identified by authorities as Daniel Kinahan, who runs day-to-day operations, his father, Christy Snr, who organizes property purchases, and Christy Jnr, who oversees finances.

She said the crime gang is accused of a variety of heinous crimes around the world and that tackling transnational criminal gangs is an “urgent priority” for US President Joe Biden and the US government.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said the Kinahan crime gang was responsible for “so much destruction and death” both here and abroad, and warned they can run but not hide.

They started as drug dealers in the southern inner city, but grew into an international organization that generated up to one billion euros with its crime.

Mr Harris said one of the first briefings he received when taking on the top Garda role was regarding the Kinahan gang.

He said that while their leadership is based in countries without an extradition treaty with Ireland, he warned them that they “can run but cannot hide from justice forever”.

The Garda boss added that as of today they would run out of money, friends and influence.

The leadership of the Kinahan cartel has also faced severe financial sanctions from the US government in an international strike on the drug trafficking gang’s assets. The measures were announced overnight by the US authorities.

Seven key cartel allies – including leader Daniel Kinahan – have been listed by the US Treasury Department as either working directly for the criminal group or providing material support.

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It follows a lengthy Gardaí-led investigation involving US officials, Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and EU law enforcement.

The sanctions imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) mean that any assets or ownership interests associated with the named partners and three companies in the US must be reported and frozen.

These include a ban on US companies doing business with the designated members, freezing their finances with US banks and not being able to fly on US airlines. US residents are also prohibited from acting on behalf of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG).

The sanctions will also have a serious impact on the US boxing interests of Daniel Kinahan, who acts as a consultant to some of the sport’s biggest names.

The 44-year-old is said to run the day-to-day operations of the international gang, sending money to prisoners, including those serving sentences for murder and attempted murder on behalf of the group.

His father, Christy Kinahan Snr, 65, is said to manage the company’s “ownership interests,” while Christy Jnr, 41, “regularly contributes funds that are used to pay KOCG members.”

Brian E. Nelson, Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said: “The Kinahan organized crime group smuggles deadly drugs, including cocaine, into Europe and poses a threat to the entire legal economy through its role in international money laundering.

“Criminal groups like the KOCG prey on the most vulnerable in society, bringing drug-related crime and violence, including murder, to the countries in which they operate.

“The Treasury Department is proud to have coordinated so closely with our international counterparts, and the US government will continue to use all available resources to dismantle these criminal networks.”

Under the sanctions, all assets and property interests owned by the named persons or entities that are in the United States or owned by US persons must be “frozen and reported to OFAC.”

Four of the gang’s most trusted members are also listed, including key partner Sean McGovern, 36, who currently lives in Dubai and is described as Daniel Kinahan’s “adviser and closest confidant”.

Evidence gathered during the international investigation indicates that McGovern managed communications on behalf of Kinahan and that all dealings go through him.


Pictured: Bernard Patrick Clancy

Three others are Ian Dixon, 32, who controls the gang’s financial payments; Bernard Clancy (44), who organizes wage payments and; John Morrissey, 61, from Spain, who is described as an enforcer facilitating drug shipments from South America.

Three companies were also placed on the sanctions list by the US Treasury Department, including Hoopoe Sports LLC, a sports management company based in the United Arab Emirates.


Pictured: Ian Thomas Dixon

UK-based alcoholic beverages company Nero Drinks Company Limited is also listed on the stock exchange along with Daniel Kinahan-controlled management consultancy Ducashew General Trading LLC, based in the United Arab Emirates.

The sanctions mean that any property or interests associated with the Kinahan leadership and its key US allies must be blocked and reported.

“OFAC regulations generally prohibit all transactions by US persons or persons within (or transiting through) the United States involving property or interests in the property of specified or otherwise blocked individuals,” the statement said.

The sanctions can also be lifted if an individual “shows a significant change in behavior”.


Pictured: John Francis Morrissey

It describes the cartel as having bases in the UK, Spain, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, and uses Dubai as a “facilitation center for its illegal activities”.

“Since February 2016, KOCG has been involved in a gang war with another group in Ireland and Spain, resulting in numerous murders, including two innocent bystanders,” it said.

As part of the statement, the US Treasury Department released an overview of the “transnational criminal organization.” The table shows photographs of the seven named, along with their date of birth and nationality, all Irish.


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