Davina McCall vows to fight ‘for as long as possible’ for women to get HRT amid shortages

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Davina McCall has been outspoken about the lack of medical knowledge about HRT. Last year, she shared about her own menopause journey and hormone replacement therapy in a Channel 4 documentary

Davina McCall
Davina McCall wants to make sure women in the UK get the right care during menopause

Davina McCall vows to fight for women to get Hormone Replacement Therapy and the right care for menopause across the UK.

Amid a lack of HRT in the NHS and a new survey that says many women have been forced out of work as they hit menopause, TV presenter Davina insists things are about to change.

Speaking to the Mirror, 54-year-old Davina said: “I think this is going to be the job of my life now. It’s frustrating, but it feels like we’ve come a long way in the past year in terms of public understanding and willingness to do something about it.”

Becoming emotional, she fought back tears and added: “I’ll do this for as long as it takes, I feel it’s really important, I think it’s the most important thing I’ve ever done.”

She shared about her Hormone Replacement Therapy routine

Davina has been outspoken about the lack of medical knowledge on the subject in recent years and has shared about her own journey into menopause and hormone replacement therapy in a Channel 4 documentary. last year.

She was pictured with hundreds of other women, including Penny Lancaster in Parliament Square last October when the government announced a reduction in the cost of repeat prescriptions for HRT.

But since then there have been setbacks and a new documentary on Channel 4 by Davina next week will show that buying HRT drugs is a form of lottery by postcode and there are shortages everywhere now. in stock.

Davina said: “Menopausal women have been working for 30 years, we really know our job, we are useful to society. If we disappear and shrink, we are losing a very important sector of the economy. We are so important and that makes me really sad because with a little bit of HRT or a little help it can really help women stay in the workplace, mentoring younger women about to move up the ladder. ”

Davina is pictured in Parliament Square last October as the government pledged to reduce the cost of repeat prescriptions for HRT


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A Channel 4 survey – the largest survey of its kind in the UK ever with 4,014 women polled having gone through perimenopause or menopause. found that 14% had reduced working hours due to menopausal symptoms.

Additionally, 84% said there was no one in the workplace they could turn to for help or guidance, and 52% lost confidence in the workplace.

Davina has made a new documentary with new research that includes a survey and looks at how menopause can affect women in the workplace.

On a more personal level, Davina also talks about how brain fog has affected her ability to work. She admits that when she became perimenopausal at work, she didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. She said: “I was doing a live TV show called Step Out of the Competition and I forgot the names of the contestants and made a mistake on the autocue, which I had never done before.

“One day, the producer walked into my dressing room and said, ‘Are you okay? You don’t sound like yourself’ and I say ‘Oh, I’m fine. ‘

“Then when she left, I just cried. I thought ‘What is happening to me?’ ‘

She says she will fight ‘for as long as it takes’


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Davina says HRT has improved her confidence


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Her new documentary reveals that taking HRT reduces her risk of Alzheimer’s, which she says has been “life-changing” for her after her father Andrew passed away this year from the disease.

When asked about the most surprising fact in her new documentary, she added: “For me, it’s about Alzheimer’s disease. I just can’t believe it, that’s a positive thing. Women are told not to take HRT and here we are told that it is really good for our health.

“That statistic, if you take HRT your risk goes down by 50%, and then the longer you take it, the more dramatically the risk drops. It’s not just Alzheimer’s, it’s dementia, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s and MS.

“It’s an extraordinary discovery, it’s a great study that I hope people will listen to in this country. The fact that this research has been going on for a while and we don’t know about it, is disgusting.”

When asked what HRT has done for her self-confidence, she added: “I mean HRT has improved my confidence so much because before that I felt like I was disappearing. I’m pretty emotional talking about it because it really makes me feel invisible. Firstly, I can’t talk to anyone about it, back off, secondly, I’m scared because I don’t know what’s happening to me, backing away.

“Shrink yourself, getting smaller and smaller. Scared, don’t even talk to friends. I can’t talk to anyone about it. Then when I finally got some HRT, I felt like I got myself back. It’s like being reborn. That’s what gave me my va va voom. It was like, “oh my god. I’m back!”

She said the current shortage of HRT in the NHS was “unacceptable” and added: “I don’t know what’s behind that, but I mean the idea of ​​blaming women makes me completely crazy. Oh, many women are asking for it? Well, you knew it was coming.

“There has been gradual growth, you can easily do production planning for that. So unacceptable, HRT shortage is unacceptable and let’s hope it gets sorted out soon. “

Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause is airing on Channel 4 at 9 p.m. Monday, May 2.

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