DC League Of Super-Pets director Jared Stern built the story around Superman’s best friend [Interview]

It’s easy to imagine an alternate universe in which Keanu Reeves actually plays Bruce Wayne. How did he get into the role?

It’s great. I mean, I’m a huge fan. I was nervous at first, but he quickly put me at ease. I remember the first time we filmed him, he was doing stunt work, maybe rehearsal for “John Wick 4” in Berlin. And so he came in after a day of fighting and I said to him things like, “Well, hopefully this will be a little easier. We’re just talking in a booth.” He says something like, “Nothing comes easy,” which I love, because it means he’s committed to this and he cares about it.

Most importantly, he loves comic books. He loves Batman. He was hallucinating, like a kid in a candy store, becoming Batman. He had a lot of fun with it. When he starts to beat himself up, which isn’t always the case, not one of the guys breaks everything they say, but every now and then he’ll laugh, and I’ll say, “He’s having a good time. .” Good. I’m glad that Keanu is having a good time.

Sometimes, like I said, COVID with all these weird schedules, he’s in Berlin. Sometimes I wake up or wake up at 3 a.m. to record him for an hour. Usually, it would be the most harrowing experience ever having to wake up at 3 a.m. In this case, I said, “Oh, that’s fun. I want to win.” The alarm would go off and I’d say, “Oh, this is great. I’ll record Keanu Reeves.”

Obviously, it’s a completely different skill set than acting in real life. What skills does a movie star have to bring to a dub counter? Here you have a lot of movie stars and people you know, some of them you don’t even recognize until the end of the attribution.

That has always been my goal. I’ve seen some stuff on Twitter, especially in the last few days, from people I really respect, something like: “Why every cartoon needs to be famous characters huge?” I think when they’re mid-range celebrities, they’re famous, but they’re not quite as popular as The Rock and Kevin Hart, then maybe people will accept that more. Sure, it’s happening and not just in our movies. I mean, Steve Carrell is on “Minions” and you watch “Toy Story” and be like, “It’s Tom Hanks.” There is no bigger star than Tom Hanks. But for me, when I watch Toy Story, I don’t think of Woody, the cowboy, as Tom Hanks, but I think of him as Woody.

From your point of view, it’s the ultimate compliment when someone says, “I just got lost and it’s not Dwayne Johnson, it’s Krypto.” I watched that character or some of them, you don’t even know who it is until the end. Those are the best and that’s how we approach it. When we’re casting, we’re not trying to hire someone just because they’re popular. I know it sounds like our movie because we have a lot of celebrities in it. I’m sure that made our marketers very happy, but that’s not why we did it.

We, first of all, listen to their voices. Just because someone is a great actor has a type of person, they may not have the right voice to voice over. We listened to that and we put the voices against each other to see how they played and we wanted to make sure they were a great voice actor. It’s a different skill set. I have a lot of respect for people who are mostly voice actors and there are people in this movie who are not famous who also did very well, like [Winona Bradshaw as] that kitten.

Sam, my co-director, is really funny as that Boston terrier. There are many ways you can do it. All I can say is that in our movie, that’s really what we care about. It comes from the heart. It is not cynical in any way. We’re just trying to tell a good story and make a movie, like you would show any movie, animated or not.

https://www.slashfilm.com/946712/dc-league-of-super-pets-director-jared-stern-built-the-story-around-supermans-best-friend-interview/ DC League Of Super-Pets director Jared Stern built the story around Superman’s best friend [Interview]

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