Deadly arrows ‘rarely used in modern wars’ fired at Ukrainian city by Russian troops – World News

The sharp, squirted projectiles called fléchettes, which experts said are rarely seen or used in modern conflicts, rained down on Bucha before the Russians pulled out late last month

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Locals in the Ukrainian city of Bucha have told how their homes were showered with deadly arrows exploding from artillery shells during last month’s Russian attack on the city.

The sharp, squirted projectiles called fléchettes, which experts said are rarely seen or used in modern conflicts, rained down on the city before the Russians pulled out late last month.

The deadly mini darts, which were about an inch long and look like tiny darts, were found roaming the streets of Washington Post reports.

Local Svitlana Chmut told them how the live projectiles pierced her car and rained down on her garden as they were shelled last month, on March 25 or 26.

“If you look closely at the soil around my house, you’ll find a lot more of it,” said Ms Chmut, 54.

The wreckage of a tank can be seen next to destroyed houses in a Ukrainian village


AFP via Getty Images)

Fléchettes have a long history of wartime, with a version of them being dropped from planes during World War I and used by the US in Vietnam.

The darts are usually packed in grenades primed to explode over infantry formations and spit out the fléchettes in a conical pattern.

Some versions of such grenades can spread flechettes over an area the size of three football pitches.

Ms Chmut said the Russian soldiers set up artillery positions and parked tanks near her home, although they move into civilian houses at night.

Fléchettes posed no danger to people inside buildings.

A man takes a selfie as he stands in front of a destroyed Russian tank in the village of Andriivka, in the Kyiv region


AFP via Getty Images)

Neil Gibson, an ammunitions expert at Britain’s Fenix ​​Insights group, said fléchettes are narrowly shaped to achieve aerodynamic stability.

The arrows recovered from Chmut’s yard likely came from a 122-millimeter 3Sh1 artillery, he said, which is among the few Russian munitions designed to carry the projectiles.

Major Volodymyr Fito, a spokesman for the command of the Ukrainian land forces, claimed that the Ukrainian military does not use flechette grenades.

The use of the darts has been denounced by some human rights groups, who describe them as “indiscriminate weapons” that could hit civilians even when aimed at military formations.

Although they have not been banned by international conventions, they “should never be used in built-up civilian areas,” according to Amnesty International.

Fléchettes are also generally less useful, Mr Gibson said, because they’re primarily suited to certain circumstances, such as when you’re driving. B. the attack of troops in the open, assembled over a large sea.

Ms Chmut has reported on the chaos in Bucha during Russia’s failed attempt to capture the capital.

As shelling set fires across her hometown, she said acrid smoke and gunpowder overwhelmed the senses and made it impossible to see the sun.

Russian troops swarmed through the neighborhood, raiding civilian homes for food, electronics and alcohol, while a sniper on a construction crane killed several people trying to flee the city.

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