Deadstream filmmakers talk about filming their scary movie in a haunted house [Exclusive Interview]

Did you end up delving into the history of the house?

Vanessa: Well, the haunted house is really attached to it. There is a pump house near the place where the two brothers actually tragically drowned. But somehow in the legend, it is incorporated where the brother’s death occurred at this house, but it is actually in a nearby location.

Joseph: But all the hauntings are due to this house. The other place doesn’t exist anymore. But the hauntings all take place legally in that house. Diving into history, there was a crew member named Annie who just dived deep into it. And one day she said, “It’s great that you end up with the name Mildred, because that’s the point, isn’t it?” I was like, “What are you talking about?” And she was like, “Are you serious? You don’t know what I’m talking about?” I was like, “No.” So a very early real home owner, her name is Mildred. Here’s another thing, there’s another guy living in the house named Lar, and we don’t know. So that’s whatever power the house possesses, it reached out to us as we wrote the film.

[Laughs] It has inspired you from afar.

Joseph: Yes, absolutely. I think we have Shining, I think that’s what’s going on.

Do you both have any other, visual, rules you’d always like to adhere to?

Vanessa: I think the biggest drawback that I feel really dedicated to is that it happens in real time. It’s something that I really want it to have that energy on and want people to feel like this guy, this just happens on a live stream. So that’s the kind of thing that always motivates me, I don’t have any other limitations –

Joseph: And that’s a limitation for me. I hate that. My idea is, it’s going to be a movie that takes place during the night, and it’s a live stream, but it’s not presented live. It has been edited. That’s because I’ve got some scenes that depend on that format. And so when she tried to force it to be 80 minutes in real time, I just said, “No, because then you’re going to cut my kids. You can’t take it away from me.” But she was right, though, because once I get started with that, the movie gets so much better and we can do some initial gags, like a preparatory montage. and we can still force it into a real-time movie. The final restriction turned out to be great for the movie.

Do you make any choices in response to horror movies that have different shots, like what they previously perceived as right or wrong?

Joseph: One thing for me is that some of the movie footage is found to have points, but they don’t make sense. I know that’s really to blame for everyone. We think the movie we want to make has to have a point. Let’s make it logical in a way that’s really fun for the audience, where it can surprise – he bumps into the player and it hits play at the right time to help set the mood – and the audience will just thought it was funny and went with it. So that’s where that idea comes from.

Vanessa: He wrote it in three weeks or something.

How did that happen?

Vanessa: He panicked. Panic inspiration from panic deadlines.

Joseph: The interesting thing about this is that I’m not a professional musician, I really love music and have some background knowledge about it, but it’s something that I really want to do, but Actually know, there’s no reason for me to do this. And when we came up with this, the “Deadstream” idea, it was perfect because if Shawn wrote this song, if it’s bad, it’s not my fault, it’s Shawn’s fault. So you can make silly music, or I can be myself, but don’t get too caught up in whether it’s bad music or not, because people will just know, “Oh, man. thing, they made it worse on purpose.”

Joseph, you mentioned having to kill some lovers. Any moments that you both missed from the finale?

Joseph: The Grenade of Faith. The Faith grenade didn’t cut it, and I’m so sad. I feel hurt about it [laughs]. It was this gag that Shawn took a New Testament, which wasn’t even in the movie, and he used duct tape and other religious artifacts to stick Holy Water inside it and at some point, he I threw it and shouted, “Faith grenade!” and you hear an explosion and a phantom recoil. And Vanessa said, “No.” Anyway, I read it in our writers group, just to prove to her that it was really funny. There are crickets. No one even smiled. “Okay, no grenade faith.”

“Deadstream” is available now on Shudder. Deadstream filmmakers talk about filming their scary movie in a haunted house [Exclusive Interview]

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