Disturbing Manual for Vladimir Putin’s Troops ‘Green Light to Killing Civilians and Pets’ – World News

The “trespasser’s handbook” was reportedly seized by Ukrainian forces and purports to be a guide on what to tell residents of bombed-out communities when they ask about the war

Russian President Vladimir Putin's troops have reportedly received a handbook explaining how to deal with residents of Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops have reportedly received a handbook explaining how to deal with residents of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s troops were ordered by their commanders to shoot “looters”, the Ukrainian father’s army and dogs, it has been claimed.

However, Russian soldiers were also ordered to use expressions such as “killed, liquidated, [and] shot” while speaking to locals, according to an “intruder handbook” allegedly confiscated by troops.

The disturbing manual goes on to explain that such descriptions “have a negative effect on local residents” and should not be used.

The troops were reportedly instructed to say “the problem is solved” when they kill a resident they believe to be a looter or a member of the “territorial defense”.

This image shows a manual reportedly found by the Ukrainian army


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The dossier, which ended up in Ukrainian hands, also suggests that such people, as well as “domestic dogs,” are legitimate targets to be shot.

When asked “What are you doing here? from locals they should reply: “We are on a humanitarian mission. We brought groceries because your authorities left you.

“Where is your administration? Where is the police?”

Russians should avoid mentioning to locals that they have shelled their communities.

The handbook was allegedly created by Valery Gerasimov, Russia’s chief of staff (left) and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu


It says: “Don’t explain that people are being shot at in Donbass – local residents don’t take it well, don’t understand it.”

Russian soldiers are taught, “By responding to a question with a question, you pass the ball to the person you are speaking to and get that person to respond.”

When asked by fearful Ukrainians: “Why do you carry guns? We are afraid…” the Russian Army Handbook says they should reply: “Don’t be afraid. We’re temporarily replacing your police force because they ran away.

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“There are looters and criminals released by Zelenskyy.”

You are instructed never to use the word “war”.

The soldiers are further told: “Do not answer questions about the war.

“The main task is to sow the idea that the Ukrainian authorities are weak, that they have fled, leaving their people without money, food and pensions.”

When asked that the locals have no electricity because the Russians bombed their power plants, the soldiers should reply: “It’s much more likely that it was your police and retreating troops that did it, showing that they don’t care about you.”

Russian soldiers were instructed never to use the word “war”.


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Or they could lie that the electricity was “cut off on Zelenskyy’s orders.”

When asked who they are, they should say: “We are both Russians and Ukrainians, but the main thing is that we are orthodox and we have nothing to divide….

“When they start arguing, use examples of gay parades, bio labs, attacks on Christianity.”

But they shouldn’t say: “Yes, we are Russians!”

The invaders are told: “It is inappropriate because nine years of propaganda have equated the image of a Russian with an aggressor, while the image of an orthodox person is still clear.”

They are told not to “blame the Ukrainians” but claim that the cause of their problems is Zelenskyy or his predecessor Petro Poroshenko and their Western “puppet masters”.

They should tell Ukrainians that “everything will be fine” after Russian arrival.

The document is believed to have come from the Russian army, led by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu – a close Putin ally – and Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov.

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