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Is there anyone who still believes everything Prince Andrew says? In recent years, Prince Andrew has denied several situations he has been accused of, but you can’t deny a photo. Though we live in the age of image manipulation, Photoshop can’t magically be at fault for all your accusations. And it seems the more he tries to stay away from cameras, the more images from his past are emerging.

Also, there are so many different photos in different contexts that just make Prince Andrew look so bad that excuses are harder to believe every time. First, he has been linked to Jeffrey Epstein and accused of sexual assault by Virginia Roberts Guiffre, of whom he also has a photograph. He’s also denied being a wild party-goer, although photos all over the internet make it hard to believe.

With the release of the Netflix documentary Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Filmy, now Prince Charles is in the spotlight. Although Savile’s images are mostly related to Princess Diana and Prince Charles, he directly references Prince Andrew in his sexual abuse scandal. But is he really guilty? Are the pictures fake or do they just say nothing? Here’s everything you need to know.

The classic picture

When Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in 2019, Prince Andrew decided to give the BBC an interview with Emily Maitlis. In that interview, he was asked about his relationship with Epstein, which we’ll talk about later. However, he was also promptly asked about a specific photo in which he grabs Guiffre’s waist and smiles into the back of Ghislain Maxwell.

Maitlis asked him directly when this photo was taken, and Prince Andrew just rambled on about the clothes he was wearing there. He also mentioned that he had “no recollection of ever meeting this lady” and couldn’t tell if this photo was real. How comfortable is it for Prince Andrew to live in the era of image transformation, but even if this photo was photoshopped, how could he explain all the others.

Luckily things have changed for Guiffre and for better or for worse she still owns a large amount of money in pounds at least now, things weren’t always like this. In 2015, Buckingham Palace denied Giuffre’s statements about Prince Andrew, perhaps this picture said otherwise. The prince will never admit his guilt, but he was stripped of his military titles in January and has had to reach a settlement.

Nice walk in the park

This is probably the second most problematic photo of Prince Andrew. Here we can see him having a nice walk in the park with Epstein in New York around 2010. This picture was taken when Epstein first left prison, and that’s not even the shadiest part. Starting with the fact that supposedly no one knows how this picture was taken because both Epstein and the prince had security.

During the interview, Maitlis suggested that Epstein might want to make a character like the prince public, his friend, to clean up his name a little or to make the prince’s name dirtier. Despite this, the prince denied this possibility. Another questionable thing in this picture is why he was visiting Epstein after he was incarcerated and publicly declared a criminal and sex offender. To which the prince replied that he had to end his friendship with him in a personal meeting.

However, none of this makes sense when you consider that not only did the prince stay at home with Epstein the whole time, but he was also his guest of honor at his party outside of prison. Also, if the prince was staying at Epstein’s house, why couldn’t he talk to him there while comfortably seated on a couch? To which he replied that Epstein was someone who was difficult to deal with, again photos say otherwise.

What do you think of Prince Andrew’s photos? Do you think he is guilty and lying? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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