Do you have long covid? These are the most common symptoms

The infection may be gone, but many thousands of people across Ireland are still battling the legacy of what has long been Covid.

ven people who have received a light dose are among those who report debilitating symptoms months after the infection has gone away.

There are up to 200 different long Covid symptoms, but while some of these are common, not all are affected in the same way. If someone still feels they have not fully recovered from the infection three months after contracting the virus, they may have long-term Covid illness.

Here’s what we know so far about long Covid symptoms.


Fatigue is estimated to affect around half of people with long Covid, and it can vary in severity.

Professor Seamus Linnane, a respiratory doctor at Dublin’s Beacon Hospital, who set up the country’s first long Covid clinic, said he knows people who look good but struggle to work a day and go home with “nothing left”. to come, and no energy.


About one in three people with long Covid can experience shortness of breath. Some people describe it as being “bloated,” “short of breath,” or “breathless” with normal activities, according to the HSE.

It is recommended that if you feel short of breath, you should stop talking and moving, give yourself time to catch your breath, relax, and distract yourself by concentrating on a picture or looking out the window.

brain fog

This is a collective term for a variety of ways people describe forms of confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration and thinking clearly.

People report that after having Covid-19, weeks and months later, they still have trouble sustaining attention. Others are forgetful and need to write down things they would normally remember.


People may feel their heart be racing or fluttering. It’s thought that palpitations in some people with long-term Covid-19 may be caused by a problem with their autonomic nervous system, which controls things like your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.

loss of taste and smell

Food can taste bland, salty, sweet, or metallic. A large study found that the majority of patients recovered after six months.

Muscle cramp

Sufferers may report joint stiffness and muscle weakness, back pain, or tingling.

chest pain

This is a common symptom of Covid. For some people, it continues or even begins in the weeks after contracting the virus. Anyone experiencing chest pain should seek medical advice as it could be a sign of something more serious.

Persistent cough

This may indicate inflammation, which is the immune system’s defensive response to infection. Inflamed tissue produces fluid and swells, which can lead to hypersensitivity in coughing.

variants and symptoms

Prof Linnane said the number of long Covid symptoms appears to be shorter for those infected with the Omicron variant compared to Delta, which was circulating here last year.

As for the symptoms, it can be observed that palpitations are more likely after Omicron than Delta, Alpha or the original Wuhan strain.

Overall, it seems that while Long-Covid is broadly similar after catching the different strains, Omicron might be less likely to develop it.

depression and anxiety

The consequences of Covid can leave a legacy. This can be made worse by battling fatigue and other symptoms. Long-Covid affects more women than men. Hospitalization with Covid also increases the risk of long-term Covid illness.

Drifting from one symptom to another

As time has passed, doctors are gaining more insight into how long Covid can manifest. Prof Linnane said he saw people drift from one symptom to another over time.

They may exhibit cardiac issues such as palpitations, chest pain, and difficulty breathing, but may progress to issues such as brain fog and cognitive problems.

get a diagnosis

GPs across the country are the first port of call for patients who suspect they have long had Covid. An examination may determine that other health problems are not causing the symptoms. A number of public hospitals have long-term Covid and post-acute Covid clinics, but routine wait times can be up to five months. Do you have long covid? These are the most common symptoms

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