Do you want to sleep with Jamie Dornan? Now you can… with the actor’s new sleep podcast

A lot of people would love to sleep with Jamie Dornan.

But the Fifty Shades of Gray heartthrob has admitted he’s guilty of one of the most divisive bedroom habits. He’s a snorer.

The father-of-three admitted his suffering as he launched his latest project, Sleep Sound With Jamie Dornan.

Designed to help listeners drift off peacefully, the six-part, 20-minute podcast series features immersive soundscapes from the Amazon rainforest to the Namibian desert, all accompanied by the Bangor actor’s soothing Irish accent as narrator.

“I know I talk in my sleep because I’m married and I share a bed with my wife every night and she tells me. I don’t think it’s anything specific or particularly coherent, but I definitely make noise. I snore – unfortunately for my wife,” Jamie said in a promotional video for his new recordings.

He also revealed that he often accidentally has to sleep naked because he forgets to pack his pajamas when he travels.

He added: “I usually travel and forget my pajamas because I’m a guy so I’m mostly naked even though the plan was to wear something.

“I can never find pajamas that I like. I did it recently and I was like, ‘This is awesome, what is this?’ and they frankly cost around £400. I felt like I wasn’t paying that for something you sleep in, even though you spend a large part of your life sleeping and probably should invest in something like that.”

As for sounds to help you fall asleep, Jamie’s voice is accompanied by a twilight chorus ringing in a remote Swedish forest or beach waves pounding the shore on a pristine beach in Punta Raza, Mexico. Then there’s a rumble train ride through scenic countryside from Budapest to Belgrade.

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“It takes you to a quiet place. There’s something meditative about it, something quite transporting,” he said.

And he had his own tips for a good night’s sleep. “You have to create a calm environment. If you have the time and inclination, run a bath. And make it too hot to make you faint to fall asleep. That seems to work for me.”

But Jamie, who shares daughters Dulcie, Alberta and Elva with wife Amelia Warner, also recalled his own childhood dreams.


Cover photo for Jamie Dornan’s new podcast

“I used to have a recurring dream in which I was flying. I’m really disappointed that I don’t have it anymore,” he said.

“I’ve always flown via Belfast and the area I grew up in. I had it all the way through when I was a kid until probably when I moved to England when I was about 20.

“Then it strangely stopped when I left the island of Ireland, which was disappointing because I loved having those dreams. They were very alive and visceral. I would like to get her back.

“My favorite bedtime story was called Funny Bones. My children are there, but not as much as I would like. “The dark, dark street in the dark, dark city”. There are many sleep sounds out there that try to tire your mind and get you into a more comfortable place to sleep.”


Jamie Dornan sleeps in The Fall

Jamie also revealed the one particular sound that makes him happiest.

“The collective of all my kids laughing at the same time, that’s a rarity,” he said.

“All you want is for your kids to get along and not pull each other’s hair and yell at each other and say hurtful things that they spend a lot of time doing. When everyone laughs together, that’s the best.”

Jamie also praised Belfast as the only place in the world he would like to wake up in.

“Probably Belfast or somewhere other than Belfast. I just love being there. I just like being with these people, I like hearing these voices.

“I’d like to have my family with me, but I’m always in a good mood when I’m there. Either there or somewhere else, like in the Caribbean.”

Jamie’s six-part podcast, Sleep Sound With Jamie Dornan, is now available on Amazon Audible

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