Dog owners urged to screen pets after being walked through tall grass with them

Dogs are more at risk of grass seed getting stuck in their eyes, ears, skin and paws than eating the grass itself – owners have been urged to remain vigilant during the summer months

Grass seeds can get stuck in the dog's eyes, ears, sink and paws
Grass seeds can get stuck in the dog’s eyes, ears, skin and paws

When an owner sees their dog eating grass, many worry that they are trying to make themselves sick to get rid of something they ate that didn’t suit them.

While others think their dog is eating grass because they are feeling under the weather or are missing some nutrients.

However, studies have shown that dogs are far more likely to eat grass just because it tastes good, especially if it’s freshly grown during the spring and summer months.

A Blue Cross statement said: “You shouldn’t worry about this if the habit isn’t becoming excessive, the grass you’re chewing on hasn’t been sprayed with harmful pesticides and you’ve spoken to your vet about it.” get treatment to ensure your dog is protected from lungworm, which is carried by snails.

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Owners should keep an eye on their pets when walking through tall grass


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“Remember that standard flea and worm treatments sold in pet stores do not usually protect against lungworm.

“Your dog may also eat grass because he is bored. If this is the case, see how you can provide better enrichment for him through walks and indoor/outdoor games, including food puzzles.”

However, owners should contact their veterinarian immediately if their dog is eating grass instead of their usual food, or if they don’t appear to be themselves or seem unwell.

A statement warns: “Grass seeds found in long grass can get stuck in eyes, ears, skin and paws, which can cause problems, especially in the summer months.

“All dogs can be affected by grass seed, but it causes far more problems in feathered-toed breeds that like to hop through long grass, such as the Hound. B. Springer Spaniels.

“It’s a good idea for owners to check their long-haired dogs’ dentures, especially their paws and ears, after exercise — especially if they’ve walked through areas of tall grass.”

Dogs that have seeds in their paws will usually lick them constantly, while dogs with seeds stuck in their ears may start shaking their heads to try to remove them.

“If you come back from a walk and notice a grass seed in your dog’s coat or on the surface of his skin, remove it immediately,” the statement continued.

“But if you spot a seed that has started digging into your dog’s skin, or if your dog is licking or chewing on a sore spot, or think your pet may have a seed in their eyes or ears, contact them contact your veterinarian. “

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