Doing one thing in your car stuck in traffic can cost you £200

While everyone knows it’s illegal to make calls and send texts behind the wheel, new laws for 2022 have expanded this to include more acts with a hefty fine or worse

New laws have expanded what is considered unacceptable behind the wheel
New laws have expanded what is considered unacceptable behind the wheel

Drivers in the UK could face hefty fines and even a ban on a simple thing they might not even know is illegal.

The change went into effect this yearwith the Department for Transport announcing it would make it easier to track drivers who use their phones while driving.

The new rules are in addition to existing laws that make it illegal to text or call while driving – except in emergencies.

The law was matched with a Road traffic regulations update As a result, it still counted as driving when the car was stationary, which included driving on the road except in very limited circumstances.

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What’s the one rule that can get you in trouble?

Using your phone in traffic can result in a hefty £200 fine


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the use of a mobile phone Scrolling through songs or playing a game in traffic jams and red lights is now illegal.

Taking photos or recording videos behind the wheel is also prohibited – even when stationary.

GPS and hands-free calls are still allowed, but on the condition that they remain hands-free. Navi being picked up by the driver instead is a criminal offence.

The best way to ensure hands-free use of your device is to mount it in a mount or stand.

AA President Edmund King said: “By making cell phone use as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving, we are taking huge steps to make our streets safer.”

The move was introduced after a public consultation found 81% of people supported the move.

How big could a fine be?



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Drivers found to be breaking the rule could face a nasty £200 fine.

The sum will come with a whopping six-point tariff that could put many people’s driver’s licenses at risk of being banned.

If a driver is found not to be in proper control of their vehicle, they can be prosecuted – another reminder of why it’s important for drivers to take proper responsibility for their actions behind the wheel.

Minister for Transport last year spoke about the new laws ahead of their introduction Grant Shapps said: “By making it easier to track people who are illegally using their phone while driving, we ensure the law is carried into the 21st century while we continue to protect all road users.”

The move was backed by the RAC, whose road safety spokesman Simon Williams said: “As our phones have become more sophisticated the law has not kept pace and this has allowed some drivers who have been using their handheld phones for purposes other than communication to exploit a loophole and avoid the maximum penalty.

“While today’s announcement is clearly good news, it is absolutely vital that the new law is vigorously enforced, otherwise there is a risk it will not bring the kind of behavior change that will make our streets safer.”

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