Donald Trump decides to “temporarily suspend” the lawsuit against Michael Cohen.


Trump intends to take legal action again against Cohen, whom his campaign called a “very proud criminal” in a statement, once Trump’s competing legal battles end. A key player in Trump’s hush-money trial in New York, Cohen previously testified that he helped pay porn story Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about her alleged affair with Trump.

“Given that President Trump is due to testify in a civil matter on Columbus Day, when he is expected to be in the greater state of New Hampshire, and the President is fighting the baseless claims that have been made against him in New York, Washington DC, Florida and Georgia…President Trump has decided to temporarily suspend his legitimate claims against Michael Cohen,” the Trump campaign told CBS News.

Trump’s lawsuit against Cohen was filed about a week after a Manhattan grand jury indicted the former president in the hush money trial that led to his arrest in April. The indictment included 34 counts related to paying Daniels more than $100,000 to keep her from talking about the alleged affair.

Trump has denied the hush money allegations.

Citing Cohen’s podcast, two books and various media appearances, Trump alleged in his lawsuit that his former attorney spread both confidential and untrue information about him “maliciously and for entirely self-serving purposes.”

Cohen has previously denied Trump’s allegations, saying Thursday On

“Donald Trump simply voluntarily dismissed the Southern District of Miami’s $500 million lawsuit against me,” Cohen wrote. “There’s more to come,” he added.

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