Donald Trump takes one of his favorite phrases in his indictment to a ridiculous new level


The former president’s quip about big, strong guys who thrive on just being around was amplified on Saturday when he ranted – in all caps – in a post on his platform Truth Social: “America was in tears last night fell asleep eyes.” eyes.”

The 2024 Republican presidential nominee continued:

“One day soon, however, it will be able to wipe away those tears and smile bigger than ever. Because we will have defeated the radical left Marxists, fascists, communists, maniacs and insane maniacs and cleared the way to put America first and then quickly make America great again.”

Trump’s “tears in his eyes” routine made headlines again last month when his former White House press secretary turned Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany employed it after being assaulted by her former boss.

Trump has previously claimed his Republican 2024 rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, was “in tears” as he “begged” for support for his 2018 gubernatorial race, saying also that staff at the New York courthouse cried on his behalf when he was indicted in April in the hush money payment case against Stormy Daniels.

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