Dozens injured after ‘golfball-sized’ hail pelted concert-goers in Colorado


Several people hoping to hear former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson exit a concert hall “covered with welts and bruises” after hail and severe weather battered Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado on Wednesday.

Videos shared on social media show fans running for cover as hail pelted them while others waited under an overhang as water poured down the stairs in a weather event and the historic venue’s outdoor seating was filled with hail seemed to cover.

A spokesman for Red Rocks said Denver’s Fox 31 that there were “several inches of hail” on the seats at the venue.

One concert-goer told the news channel that he sheltered in a toilet stall for over an hour, while another described seeing people “covered with welts and bruises” from the “golf ball-sized” hail.

“My sister and I had to huddle against a wall with boxes from recycling over our heads to protect us. A couple of big hits hit us pretty well,” a fan named Mollie told the news channel.

Tomlinson tweeted that he was “devastated” by the show at Red Rocks.

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