Drivers warn of 4 ways winter weather affects car bills

IF you’re a fan of boosting your car’s heating, you might want to think again – maintaining it through the winter can add hundreds to your car bill.

Millions of people have thought twice before turning on their home heating when their energy bills soar, but you may not realize that you also need to be careful in your car.

Cars wear out more in winter, here's what to watch out for


Cars wear out more in winter, here’s what to watch out forCredit: Getty

Luckily, some simple changes can really help keep your costs down this winter.

Here, we look at ways winter weather adds to your car bill – and how to avoid them.

Make sure you have a malfunction cover

It’s very easy to forget to renew your incident cover when there are a million other things on your to-do list.

However, double check if you’re still under warranty or need a new one, as cold winter weather can cause more damage to your vehicle.

Freezing temperatures can make it harder for an engine to start and put more stress on engine components.

Incident cover It’s not a legal requirement, but if you’re in trouble a mile from a restaurant, it can save you a small fortune.

How much does incident insurance cost?

Depending on the policy and what you want it to cover, prices start from £13 per month for coverage.

This is from the National Building Association and is part of its FlexPlus account (you will need to have an account before you can get insurance).

You will also need to see if the help available is on the side of the road or just at home as well as problems that can be remedied as part of the coverage.

If you don’t have any visors but your car breaks down it can cost up to £100 or more for an emergency call.

Also, depending on the auto problem, you’ll have to pay for any parts and repairs.

You will also have to purchase a crash cover and don’t forget.

Check your battery

Car batteries are probably one of the biggest causes of winter failure.

On average, car batteries have a lifespan of about 5 years but only if you take good care of them.

The battery is more strained by using the wipers, car lights and of course, more heating during the colder months.

Temperature also affects battery input without the pressure of the wipers, lights, and heating.

If it shows signs of slowing down, you should take it to the garage to have it checked.

How much does it cost to replace a car battery?

A new car battery can cost between £60 and £185 to buy let alone labor costs.

Replacing and installing a car battery can range from £115 to £320, according to the personal finance group. NimbleFins.

Look at your tires

We already know winter tires are better suited for colder weather conditions and prevent your engine from skidding.

In the UK the legal requirement for tire depth is 1.6mm but in winter it is 3mm so you get better overall grip.

Don’t forget to check the condition of the tires to make sure there are no cuts or damages and that they are not worn.

How much does a tire replacement cost?

Based on Checkatrade, replacing four winter tires can range from £600 to £700 on average.

This all depends on the quality of the tire and how it is fitted professionally.


You may have burned more gas in the winter, as the cold weather makes walking a less appealing option.

But it turns out that we also spend a lot of gas when idling in the engine.

During the winter months we tend to warm up the engine and defrost the windshield, which can take 10 or 15 minutes on a chilly morning.

So you may not be going anywhere, but you can still burn fuel.

What is the price of gasoline?

Based on Your money, We burn one-tenth of our gas every 10 minutes we sit idle in our cars.

Due to the rising price of petrol in the UK, the average price of a liter of petrol is £1.45 and £1.49 for a liter of diesel.

According to research by Direct line, you can save £50 per month on fuel costs or £700 per year just by making this small driving habit change.

We have reached out to ComparetheMarket and AA for comment.

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