Drying your wet iPhone in rice “is a MYTH” – how to really save a soaked phone

If you accidentally soaked your iPhone, sticking it in a bowl of rice isn’t the best idea.

There are more effective ways to dry out your iPhone — and using rice could even damage your phone.

Wet iPhone? Don't reach for the rice


Wet iPhone? Don’t reach for the riceCredit: apple
When it comes to a wet iPhone, rice might do more harm than good


When it comes to a wet iPhone, rice might do more harm than goodPhoto credit: Unsplash

Dry iPhone in rice – is that really possible?

There are many ways people try to dry off their phones.

These include terrible and frankly dangerous solutions with ovens and hair dryers.

One of the most popular solutions is to put it in a bowl of rice – but unfortunately its effectiveness is a myth.

Rice just can’t absorb water from the air effectively enough to clean the inside of your device.

You may have had success using this method, but the phone probably would have worked just fine without Reis interacting.

But throwing your phone in rice is largely useless.

In fact, you could seriously damage your blower.

If a small grain of rice gets stuck in a port or dust gets into some of the holes, it can be very annoying.

And trying to dislodge trapped objects could scratch or break your handset.

Luckily there is a better way.

Dry a wet iPhone – this is the best way to do it

First, turn off your iPhone immediately. You want to prevent moisture from affecting active circuits.

Dry with paper towels or a microfiber towel.

Then remove any parts, like the SIM tray or even the battery if you’re using an Android handset (where battery removal is possible).

Next, place the device in a zip-loc bag to keep it airtight.

But before you close it, put a handful of silica gel sachets inside.

These are the little desiccant packets that you often find in boxes of shoes.

They attract moisture very effectively and work better than regular aged rice.

You can buy them cheap online – or you may already have some lying around the house.

Once the silica packets are in the bag, seal and leave.

You should wait at least three days before opening the case and taking out your phone.

It won’t be easy, but playing the waiting game will give you the best chance of turning on a working phone.

In short, here is how to dry a wet iPhone:

  1. Turn off your phone immediately
  2. Dry it with paper towels and try to get into the ports too
  3. Take out all loose parts, including the battery (if using an Android phone, where possible) and the SIM card
  4. Place the device in a sealable bag
  5. Pack it with silica gel bags
  6. Seal the bag and leave it for 72 hours
  7. Turn on your phone and pray to the smartphone gods

Unfortunately, no method can truly save your phone, so brace yourself for the worst.

Does drying your iPhone guarantee it’s okay?

No, it could still be broken – and even if it works, maybe not forever.

The bad news is that even if it works right away, your phone may still be broken in the long run.

Water drying on internal components can initiate a corrosion process that can irreparably damage components down the line.

So you may find that a soaked phone stops working many months after the incident.

Waterproof iPhone Models – You may not need to pack your phone

Apple has been waterproofing the iPhone for years.

So there’s a good chance you already have a waterproof iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 7 or newer, these are considered waterproof to a depth of three meters for up to 30 minutes.

Older iPhone models aren’t up to the same standard, so be very careful when handling them near water.

In any case, the water resistance is only a guide – and not a standard that you personally try to meet.

Don’t start throwing your iPhone in the sink or in the pool because it might not end well.

Small cracks, high pressure water, temperature changes and many other factors can reduce waterproof performance.

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