Dune: Spice Wars reveals the ‘underground economic power’ of the Smugglers faction


The Smugglers faction is the third faction that you will have the choice to represent in the upcoming Funcom and Shiro Games Dune: Spice Wars. The newly revealed faction joins the previously revealed houses of Atreides and Harkonnen.

What sets the Smugglers apart is that they are a faction but not a Landsraad. This doesn’t mean they don’t hope to get one one day, but getting the chance will take a lot of traction and strength. Their tactics involve using more underground economic power, and they can help you get some spice. Of course, for a price, for profit must be made.

With those pockets of power, they have their own territory with armed forces and some political influence everywhere. Once again, the hidden economic power is theirs. Esmar Tuek will be the face you know, as he represents the Smugglers, and is a respected figure among them. He will lead the faction for the sake of Dune: Spice Wars. Tuek is known for spycraft, having ties to and connections with the Fremen, Landsraad and Spacing Guilds.

Esmar Tuek won’t be alone, as his crew members all have their own skills and expertise. Among them is Drisq, the regional director. Staban Tuek, son of Esmar, who was well versed in the political systems of Arrakis, had many connections and ability to use his financial means to influence the world.

If you play as Smugglers, you’ll start near the poles and may encounter others soon. As for the goal, you’ll want to infiltrate other people’s villages and start using your abilities to influence others and even profit from their infrastructure and business ventures. . Their units will specialize in taking every advantage they can find and implementing it quickly and efficiently. Scavengers who will quickly destroy weaker enemies to increase their own strength. Wreckers, who use chemical weapons to harass enemies, can be the perfect powerful distraction. The Freedom Company are mercenaries and bounty hunters. And combat drones will support Smugglers’ forces and expand knowledge.

For more on Smuggler, see entry ended at Dune: Spice Wars.

https://www.mmorpg.com/news/dune-spice-wars-unveils-the-underground-economic-power-of-the-smuggler-faction-2000124529 Dune: Spice Wars reveals the ‘underground economic power’ of the Smugglers faction

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