Dutch World Cup Player Laughs Off Controversial Headwear


Dutch soccer player Daniëlle van de Donk wore a swim cap late in Thursday’s Women’s World Cup match against the United States ― and it wasn’t for style points.

She and U.S. midfielder Rose Lavelle collided late in the eventual 1-1 tie, prompting van de Donk to bleed noticeably from her head.

She said the medical team arrived and she heard “swim cap! swim cap!” Despite her “No!” van de Donk relented, she said in an interview posted by ESPN.

“It’s bleeding too much so I couldn’t continue the game without it,” van de Donk said, per USA Today.

“Plus, it’s fashionable,” she said with a laugh.

But the Concussion Legacy Foundation was not amused by the medical staff’s actions.

“This calls for a legitimate concussion evaluation,” the foundation wrote. “At least a temporary substitution. Not a swim cap and a pat on the back.”

A short time later, Horan headed in the equalizer.

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