Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner on sale at Walmart


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Whether you have pets, children, both, or neither, you probably like a clean home. Enter the Dyson V8 Origin+. It is a desirable cordless vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and easy to transport around the home and can be used on floors, furniture and ceilings. A single charge gives you 40 minutes of cleaning time and it has a notoriously strong suction that works on both carpets and hard floors, picking up fur, dust, crumbs, dirt and everything else.

The vacuum cleaner also has fully automatic filtration, which also sucks in allergens and finer dust, ensuring that the air in your home stays fresh. Dyson’s easy-to-empty design also means you can throw anything vacuumed up into the bin with just the push of a button, keeping your hands clean too. And right now, for Walmart’s Holiday Kickoff Sale Weekit’s available at a rarely-seen retail price, $170 off at Walmart (and $120 off Amazon).

The V8’s versatile design allows it to be transformed into a small handheld vacuum for stairs, cars or countertops, or you can easily use it on ceilings, baseboards and other hard-to-reach places as it is easy to lift and is not restricted by obstacles Line. Along with the vacuum cleaner itself, you get the detangling motor wand, a pet hair cleaning head that won’t tangle or clog, a wide nozzle and brush combination cleaning tool perfect for cleaning your car, a crevice tool and docking station where it also charges can be.

Grab one today and enjoy the two-year warranty and endless years of a sparkling home.

“It’s not hype! This vacuum really cleans better than any other vacuum I’ve ever had. It picks up all the dust and small dirt that my previous vacuum cleaner didn’t pick up. My allergies have almost disappeared because my house was very clean. I’ve wanted it for years and should have bought it sooner! 10/10” – PC

“Perfect vacuum for my 1300 square foot house! I can clean the entire house on one battery charge. The new curler prevents hair from piling up! I love it!” – Laurie

“Excellent for long cat hair!! 4 indoor cats with multiple scratching posts and beds, not to mention the areas of our beds and carpets. Vacuums up everything, right down to embedded hair that our other vacuums wouldn’t touch. Also looks great on the linoleum floor in the kitchen! Holds charge longer than stated and recharges quickly! Very happy with the purchase” — Alison

“Admittedly, I’ve never had a really nice vacuum cleaner, but I can’t get over how AWESOME this thing is. 1) no cable to get tangled in 2) the battery life?! Great. Holds my entire house. 3) It sucks better (in a good way) than my conventional vacuum cleaners ever did. 4) the swivel!!! It comes into the smallest spaces. 5) It’s so quiet and fast. I’ll be a Dyson fan forever.” — Karla

“This vacuum cleaner is great. I have the iRobot, Dirt Devil and Bissell but these don’t even compare to this V8 machine! It plugs in for easy charging. I vacuum with my Dyson because I’m obsessed with using it.” — Tonya

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