Earn money: space diamonds and collect meteors

Some investments are “literally out of this world”, says ITV. Last week at Sotheby’s Dubai, a 555.55 carat black diamond named “The Enigma” was unveiled and it will become the largest multifaceted diamond of its kind to appear at auction when it is launched under the hammer in London next month.

Described as a “treasure from interstellar space”, Sotheby’s expects the black diamond to sell for at least £5 million. And such a high amount means that the auction house will accept cryptocurrency as a viable payment.

Known only to exist in Brazil and the Central African Republic, the “carbonado” black diamond is dated to between 2.6 and 3.8 billion years ago and is an extremely rare natural occurrence. They contain traces of nitrogen and hydrogen abundant in interstellar space, as well as osbornite, a mineral present only in meteorites.

The extremely rare diamond will be offered for sale “no reserve” at a dedicated auction, meaning the winning bid is the highest bid, regardless of its quantity or its own intrinsic value. that diamond.

Enigma’s Mysterious Origin

The Enigma, with 55 facets, is currently the largest cut black diamond in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Its origin is “hidden in mystery” and it is believed to have been created from “a meteorite impact or indeed emerged from a diamond-bearing asteroid colliding with Earth”, Sotheby’s explain.

Some experts “remain skeptical of these otherworldly claims”, Smithsonian Magazine reported. “It’s unlikely it came from space,” said Tim McCoy, curator of meteorite collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

Speaking to NPR’s Debbie Elliot, McCoy added: “I think this is a rock that we don’t fully understand the story of. But it will be a really good thing when someone figure it out. “

The meteorite market is ‘on the rise’

Interstellar items have certainly become big business for auction houses with collectors wanting to get their hands on it. alternative investment.

Last February Christie’s held an online-only auction called Deep Impact: Mars Moon and Other Rare Meteors. The “record-breaking” auction totaled $4,351,750 (£3,227,801) with 100% of the lots sold, LiveAuctioneers.com reported. A record number of bidders participated and 72 of the 75 lots sold for more than their estimate.

James Hyslop, head of science and natural history at Christie’s, said the record sales “reached more audiences than ever before”. “The meteorite market is on the rise.”

The meteorites are cut into slices and carved into spheres providing many of the highlights of the sale, Christie’s said. Leading the way in sales was the fourth-largest Moon piece cut from the famous lunar meteorite Tisserlitine 001. Estimated to sell for between $250,000 and $350,000, it beat high estimates and sold for $525,000.

Fall vs Find

Sotheby’s says there are only about 60,000 documented specimens of meteorites, of which only a few hundred are of Moon or Mars origin. collector’s guide. Of the 60,000, only a third are available on the public market – making meteorite collecting a “fairly competitive and lucrative hobby”.

Meteorites can have a commercial value of “a few thousand dollars to several million”. It all depends on important factors like weight, provenance, rarity of the type and “Fall vs Find”.

“A meteor that can originate from a recorded ‘crash’ – i.e. someone who has witnessed the meteorite shoot through the sky and land on Earth – is worth more than a ‘found’ – a which was discovered, by chance, thanks to a Sotheby’s explanation. “This metric is more important when considering the value of planetary meteorites than it is for lunar or Martian meteorites, due to the rarity of the latter two.”

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