Eastenders’ Masood Family Unrecognizable After Soap

EASTENDERS’ Masood family first debuted 15 years ago and rocked Albert Square with some hardcore storylines that kept viewers sitting in their seats.

They are the first Muslim family to live in Albert Square since the Karims in the late 80s and the first Asian family since Ferreiras in 2003.

The family first appeared on our screens in 2007 and was immediately drawn into a string of dramatic storylines – from Syed’s battle with his sexuality, to Shabnam’s miscarriage and the wound. Tamwar’s burns.

Their family includes Minute Mart owner Zainab Masood, her husband Masood Ahmed and four children Tamwar, Shabnam, Syed and Kamil.

Let’s take a look at where they are now…

Nitin Ganatra- Masood Ahmed

Masood went through several storylines Memorable storylines


Masood went through several storylines Memorable storylines

Masood was the lovable postman and later became the general restaurant owner of Walford East.

He left the soap in January 2019


He left the soap in January 2019

Aside from his occasional relationships with his wife Zainab, Masood has experienced a number of memorable storylines including his son’s struggle to accept his sexuality and his love affair with Jane Beale.

This eventually led to the breakdown of his marriage – but Masood didn’t stop there, he fell in love with Carol Jackson and had romances with Cathy Beale and Carmel Kazemi.

Actor Nitin Ganatra had starred in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bride and Prejudice before joining EastEnders.

In September 2016, he announced that he would be leaving the role – as the last remaining member of the Masood family in Albert Square.

However, fans were delighted when Nitin decided to return to his role in November 2017, bringing along two of his relatives, Uncle Arshad and Mariam.

He left the soap in January 2019 and has since gone on to star in other British dramas such as Channel 4’s The Slate.

Speaking of his exit, he said: “Now I can venture to new horizons as an actor. I am still deeply attached to Masood and have invested a lot of emotion in doing so. make this character memorable.

“I am in awe of how much he is loved by audiences and fans of all ages, from all cultures, religions and walks of life. Thank you guys. I am humbled in advance. love.”

The actor has since appeared as a teacher on CBBC’s series The Worst Witch and a lawyer in Trial and Revenge.

Nina Wadia – Zainab Masood

Zainab is the loyal matriarch of the Masood . family


Zainab is the loyal matriarch of the Masood . family
The TV star also participated in this year's serious drama series to dance


The TV star also participated in this year’s serious drama series to dance

Zainab is the ferocious matriarch of the Masood clan and a battle ax that can rub people off the wrong path.

Actress Nina, 52, has become a household name with appearances in Doctors, Goodness Gracious Me, BBC comedy Still Open All Hours and The Vicar of Dibley. Surprisingly, she also had a small role in EastEnders, playing a nurse in 1994.

She often ends up having a bad life with Masood, she struggles with her son’s sexuality and remarries to her abusive first husband Yusef.

She also welcomed her fourth child Kamil at the age of 40 and decided to leave Albert Square to live in Pakistan in 2013.

The star previously admitted that she will return to the soap but only if the “time is right”.

She told the Daily Star: “I miss EastEnders so much, but after doing it for five and a half years, it was time for me to go back to comedy and have a little change.

“But if they asked me, I’d love to come back. I asked to be killed, because I wanted a big ending to the story. But they didn’t want to kill the character that was loved by many audiences. They didn’t. do” didn’t want me to go. “

She has appeared in Holby City, Murder on the Blackpool Express, Death in Paradise and Citizen Khan.

The TV star has also starred in this year’s serious TV series about dancers, teaming up with professional dancer Neil Jones.

Unfortunately, she was the first celebrity to be kicked off the show in the second week.

She said: “Leaving was a huge shock because: A, I didn’t expect it to happen the way it did, and it happened so quickly and it was all very bizarre for me and when I walked out, I was very down.

“I have to say my mental health, I’ve been down. It’s due to a lot of different feelings.

“There’s a sense of shame that comes as early as I did, there’s a feeling I’ve let everyone down, I’ve let myself down.”

Himesh Patel- Tamwar Masood

Tanwar is the brain box of the family


Tanwar is the brain box of the family
He landed the main character Jack Malik in the movie 2019 yesterday


He landed the main character Jack Malik in the movie 2019 yesterday

Tanwar is the brains of the family and is slowly coming out of his shell and impressing with his stand-up comedy.

Actor Himesh Patel was 16 when he auditioned for EastEnders – and it was the day of one of his GCSEs.

He was in the soap for nine years and was involved in tough storylines including a house fire that left him burned.

He married his teenage sweetheart Afia but their marriage was short-lived, then he fell in love with Nancy Carter and they left the country to travel and get married in Australia.

He left the soap in 2016 and told fans he was excited for the new challenges ahead.

“Whatever awaits me waiting, I will miss my family at EastEnders immensely – they watched me grow from boy to man and supported me every step of the way. It’s been a real privilege to work with them,” he added.

Talented star who has appeared in several Channel 4 short films and sitcoms Damned.

He took on the lead role of Jack Malik in the 2019 feature film yesterday, where he sang live Beatles songs.

Himesh has also starred in the Hollywood film Tenet and in the television series The Luminaries.

Zahra Ahmadi- Shabnam Masood

Zahra Ahmadi plays Shabnam first


Zahra Ahmadi plays Shabnam first

Zahra Ahmadi played Shabnam for the first time but abandoned the film after only a year stating that she was frustrated by the lack of backstory for her character.

“I made the difficult decision to leave because I’m still young and I want to try other roles. But I’m really happy that the door has been left open for me to come back because it’s been an experience.” great,” she said.

The character decides to leave Walford for Pakistan on a journey to find his roots.

Zahra went on to appear in Doctor Who in 2013 and the Black Mirror episode White Christmas in 2014.

She recently starred in Marcella as Sadie in 2020.

Rakhee Thakrar- Shabnam Masood

Rahkee Thakrar took on the role of Shabnam in 2014


Rahkee Thakrar took on the role of Shabnam in 2014
Rakhee has since had many roles on Netflix's hit show Sex Education


Rakhee has since had many roles on Netflix’s hit show Sex Education

Actress Rahkee Thakrar takes on the role of Shabnam and is involved in some heavyweight storylines including herself and Kush’s fetus.

Shabnam leaves Albert Square with his long-lost daughter Jade after discovering that Kush has fathered a child with Stacey Slater, who is loud and furious.

The actress who played Shabnam between 2014 and 2016, talked about the challenges of finding another role after quitting the show.

Rakhee has since had numerous roles in the hit Netflix show Sex Education and the BBC One drama The Girl Before – but things have not always been smooth sailing.

She revealed that she had been struggling to find new work opportunities and decided to take up a retail job temporarily.

“I don’t think ‘other projects’ means working in a clothing store for two years. I left EastEnders and didn’t get any jobs,” she told Radio Times.

“I couldn’t stand not doing anything, so I worked in a few stores.”

She added: “It’s a big risk to leave the salary full-time [on EastEnders] And it takes a while for that risk to pay off. “

Viewers were excited recently when they spotted Rakhee in BBC horror series The Girl Before.

Marc Elliot – Syed Masood

Marc Elliot as Syed, Masood's eldest son


Marc Elliot as Syed, Masood’s eldest son
He left the soap in 2012


He left the soap in 2012

Syed joined that clan in 2009 and is portrayed by Marc Elliott.

Syed is clearly Zainab’s golden child, despite stealing the family business years ago.

He was in a relationship with Amira but struggled with his sexuality after starting a gay affair with Christian Clarke.

Syed was torn between his feelings and his beliefs, when he confessed to his mother Zainab that he was gay on his wedding day, watched by 11.64 million viewers.

He finally made it to Christian and together they left Albert Square in November 2012.

Marc plays Doctor Isaac Mayfield in the city of Holby and has starred in many stage plays around the UK.

Speaking of his soap escape, he said: “I think my EastEnders days are over, to be honest. I’ve had such an incredible time that I think I’ve come to a conclusion. very satisfied, so I’m happy to say that’s the past now. I don’t see myself going back there.”

EastEnders’ Mick Carter calls Masood to ask how to cook an Indian meal

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