Easter star Tim Roth tells us about playing a Creep and recalls his first role in the hit [Interview]

What’s surprising about David is his sense of calm. Was that your immediate thought on how to play him?

Well, it’s not necessarily what’s on the page, but the page is what gets you there. So when my kids asked me to make this movie, I started the process of talking to the director, because they already shot it. I was on my way to Cannes when I read it. I was with my son and I just, my jaw fell. “What is this?”

So my son took it. He read it and said, “Yes, you’re doing this.” So that’s how I came to make the movie. Yeah, pick up the phone and say, “Yeah, I’m on the train.” And then you go, “Okay, what should I do?” And my feeling is it’s not what’s on the page. I mean, the smart thing about the script, as written, is that it gives you options and the flash in my head is that he’s a good guy. He’s just trying to help. And so if you take that as a starting point and then play from there, that can be a hit with the audience.

Andrew got one hundred percent for that. It looks like, [David’s] a good guy. I’m really trying to help this woman who seems a little difficult, so that I can stay on that path. It’s just as scary as he is, you know?

It’s scary because he just seems to believe everything he’s saying.

Sure. It’s true. You make the decision that… what he says is true. That is all truth. He can change his demeanor from the beginning of a sentence to the end of it. The shifts you can play together are very interesting. But then you make the audience go like, “Oh, you’re not going there. Oh no, they’re not going there. Oh my God, they’ve been there.” And you get that. When you first read it, I understood that. You’re saying, “They’re really going to… Oh my, and here it is.” We have to make it. It’s a real world these people live in. This is a real world. And then you come to town, you start playing with it.

It’s hard to be shocking these days, but that ending has a pretty big effect.

I have not seen it.

Do you often not watch your work, or are you just busy?

No no. Honestly, I just got back from working in Australia. I didn’t have a moment.

When you review a movie, how often do you ask your son, “Hey, what do you think of this?”

Oh no, that’s literally – it’s a world I’ve never entered before, I don’t know what you would classify it as, horror or not. My son is with me, we are traveling and I have to read this script. We were at the hotel, and he was sitting a few tables away, and I was reading this, “Oh my…” After I finished and put it down, he said, “Give it to me. , give it to me.” And so he read it and said, “Oh, you’re doing this.” I was like, “Okay,” picked up the phone, “I’m working.”

That’s my musician son. Another boy of mine, who sat at the top, when he entered the world of cinema, also read it. And he said, “Sure. Are you crazy? This is what you’re doing.” And that’s how it turned out.

It says a lot that you had that “Oh my God” reaction, considering some of the movies you’ve made.

[Laughs] I know. And also, doing something like this, it’s another world. It was quite a new experience for me, in a sense. So good to open that door and dive in and see what happens. And they pushed me through that door. They kicked me over it. I said, “Okay.” I have no say in it. It’s fun.

https://www.slashfilm.com/944466/resurrection-star-tim-roth-tells-us-about-playing-a-creep-and-remembers-his-first-role-in-the-hit-interview/ Easter star Tim Roth tells us about playing a Creep and recalls his first role in the hit [Interview]

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