Eddie Hall ditches a 16,000-calorie-a-day diet to prepare for his fight with Thor Bjornsson

Hall is gearing up to face nasty rival Bjornsson in the boxing ring next month and has revealed a former strongman’s 16,000-calorie-a-day diet he’s given up

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Eddie Hall looks great to fight The Mountain

Eddie Hall gave up a 16,000-calorie-a-day diet to prepare for a boxing clash with Thor Bjornsson.

The England star will face fellow strongman Bjornsson in a boxing match in Dubai on March 19, six months after the first scheduled bout.

The hall has lost about 40kg- a remarkable achievement- to lose weight for his boxing debut against Bjornsson.

After her incredible weight loss journey, Hall is expected to weigh in at her recommended 343lb after admitting Gain some weight back at Christmas.

This can be done by cutting up to 7,000 calories a day, less than half of his previous calories.

Eddie Hall consumed an incredible 16,000 calories a day for his strong athlete competitions

Hall rose to fame when he won the World’s Strongest Man contest in 2017 and he has also been crowned the Strongest Man in the UK and UK multiple times in an extreme domestic career. successful period.

Now, the 34-year-old player has appeared in a recent YouTube video what a typical day includes in his 20,000 caloric diet in preparation for his intense adventures.

His opening meal was a hearty fried breakfast of sausage, bacon, and eggs with about 1,700 calories worth of high protein.

“Let’s call it 2,000 calories without orange juice and coffee and anything else,” Hall said on his YouTube video. “Just left at 7am so we had 4 pieces of bacon, 4 sausages and eggs, 2 black puddings, beans, eggs, tomatoes and 4 pieces of fried bread.

“All cooked in butter with all the deliciousness. And just to show everyone how big that is, I had a special Eddie Hall plate of catered food and my wife set the meal for me. me on the tray.

Hall turns to his second breakfast of the day to boost his protein intake using a range of powders and drinks to help fuel his later workouts.

“I cook porridge so I use 100 grams of oats, whole fat milk and that gives me slow-release energy. Bake raisins and they must be out of the box.

“The second breakfast also includes a couple of kiwis, a banana, a 70g bag of beef jerky and I would finish with four full scoops of protein which I would say adds 1,400 calories.

“It’s 9:30 now and I’ve eaten over 3,000 calories, now taking me into another nap.”

Next up for Hall was a large glass of water and fruit juice to hydrate his workouts along with a snack to bring his total calorie count to over 4000.

“I’ll drink a quart and a half of mineral water, we have 360 ​​calories Cashews and a quart of cranberry juice.”

Hall went on to get a physical check-up to keep himself in good shape for competitions before returning home for lunch, bringing his total calorie count to more than 8,000 calories.

“So we have 300g of rib eye meat, half a kilo of pasta, 200g of vegetables washed with half a liter of water.

Who will win the powerful boxing clash? Eddie Hall or Thor Bjornsson? Let us know in comment section below

Eddie Hall has already hit about 10,000 calories by the time he hits the gym

“Calories wise, we’re looking at 1,400 calories just in pasta and the rib eye also adds a lot to it because it’s pretty fatty. I remember when I was doing this all day for four years straight and I started. I hate my food.

“I just felt like I had to eat for the sake of it, then I also ate a pudding with a cheesecake with cream for lunch. 1000 calories on cheesecake and 1400 on ice cream.

“Back that day, I’ll have dinner and then go to bed.”

Hall followed up with a carbohydrate load with an energy drink to fuel his massive workout at the gym, which catapulted him to over 10,000 calories.

“Here’s how to get carbs in. So we have a tuna sandwich, jacket and then fruit and on the way to the gym, I’ll have an energy drink.

“This is the way to help me get stronger in the gym. This is a real day in my life when I compete for the strongest man in the world.”

Next up for Hall was a pack of corned beef to add to his diet and fuel his workouts along with another drink to fuel up, bringing the total to 12,000.

“Here’s a pack of sea salt beef. There’s 150g of thinly sliced ​​meat but I’d also like to eat raw steak. In theory, red meat has the fuel to sort out your muscles. Honestly I feel like I’m going to throw up. up.

“Three-quarters of the way through the session, we had four scoops of protein mixed with full-fat milk and it was lactose-free because I’m lactose intolerant.”

His final dinner to arrive at the end of his post-workout evening is bolognese pasta to end the day off, followed by a protein bar to take to bed.

“Five hundred grams of minced meat in this with about a kilogram of pasta. That’s what I’ll make for all day when I’m training and I’m 31 and a half years old.

“I’m going to bring a protein bar and another liter of water to stay hydrated overnight. I feel like I’m going to hug the toilet for the next three days.”

Hall’s estimated final intake was recorded at 16,164 calories, which would be a typical day for the World’s Strongest Man contestant.

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