Elden Ring Chad walks around helping players defeat Malenia by soloing her naked


It is no exaggeration to say so a particular elden ring Boss has caused players more pain than any other in this massive game. This boss is seemingly impervious to standard tactics, can’t be overpowered with multiple summons, and isn’t easy to cheese.

The only way to beat it is to get good.

We’re talking, of course, about Malenia, Blade of Miquella, an optional boss in an optional area hidden deep in the Elden Ring endgame. You can absolutely finish the game without ever setting foot there, but pride doesn’t allow many to just leave a big Shardbearer boss alone and call the Elden Ring beaten.

We’ve seen the pros spend the entire fight parrying them while mere mortals have tried to find ways to hold them off their most devastating attack by more attainable means. But no one thought of doing what this legend has.

For the past few days or so, a certain story has been echoing through the halls of the massive Elden Ring subreddit. A tale of bravery, forbearance and showmanship. The story of Let Me Solo Her, an unlikely Elden Ring savior who leaves his summoning mark on Malenia’s doorstep (on PC) to be specifically told to smack her alone while the host looks on.

Let Me Solo Her joins the fight naked, armed only with two katanas. You’ll know you’ve got the right person because they wear a distinctive glass helmet. A few Elden Ring players took to the subreddit in disbelief to share their encounter with this legend. Their initial skepticism quickly turned to joyful relief after seeing the legend in action, and has of course led to some memes.

A few hours later, the hero we need revealed himself as Reddit user KleinTsuboiOW and announced his quest to help others against the Scourge of Malenia.

“I have assisted countless tainted in their attempt to defeat Malenia by being stark naked save for a jug on my head,” they wrote. “My mark will be below, as always, for desperate tainted.”

If you’re curious about how Let Me Solo Her could do it, go ahead and do it so good that others are now searching for their summoning sign, here is a video of one such attempt. The hosts simply sit back and watch in awe as the naked master gets to work – even with a mouse and keyboard!

If you can’t find Let Me Solo Her’s golden summoning token, you might want to check out our Elden Ring bosses walkthrough instead, with tips for every single big fight in the game – and the preferred order for tackling them. Elden Ring Chad walks around helping players defeat Malenia by soloing her naked

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