Elden Ring patch nerf speedrunners favorite weapon ability

Latest Elden Ring the hugely popular two-capable nerf patch, adds some much-needed quality of life updates, and provides a significant boost to caster builds. Last night, Bandai Namco announced patch 1.03 for Elden Ring. The patch fixes a number of bugs, including one that prevented players from receiving items after defeating the boss. The developers also seem to have heard many complaints about the game’s lack of quest tracking, and while they didn’t add a quest log, they made it easy for players to find the right NPCs. than.

Added the function to record the NPC’s icon and name on the map when you meet that NPC

They have also increased the number of situations where you can summon an NPC which, of course, will come on after I had to tackle the Godskin Noble with nothing but my trusty Ash Jellyfish for support.

If you’re a caster builder (like yours really), today’s patch notes provide some great news as well. Some useful witches like Crystal Barrage, Comet, etc. have had their stats adjusted with increased damage, reduced FP (energy) consumption, or both. Glass canon your way through the Middle Lands is an attractive option if you’re looking to melt bosses before they can lay their fingers on you, but some spells don’t deal enough damage either such a pile of resources that they are not worth it. I’m especially excited about the changes to Crystal Barrage. You can hold the cast button to redirect the spell, unleashing a barrage of crystal projectiles until you run out of FP. With increased damage, I am now basically a magic machine gun turret.

But where there are buffs, there must also be nerfs. If you’ve been counting on Hoarfrost Stomp and Mimic Tear Ashes to get you through some of the game’s more difficult late-game battles, both are, unfortunately, powered off.

Mimic Tear Ashes are obtained in the last 1/3 of the game. It summons a copy of the player to battle using the player’s own weapons, armor, and spells. In the new patch, summon damage has been reduced.

Hoarfrost Stomp may be the worst victim in this latest patch. It’s a weapon skill first popularized by the Elden Ring speed-playing community that covers the ground in ice spikes that then explode, dealing damage and sometimes disrupting enemy attacks. enemy. Speedrunners as well as casual players took advantage of Hoarfrost Stomp’s massive damage and relatively short build time to take down bosses from a safe distance. Bandai Namco changed both components of Strike, increasing the duration of the skill and reducing its damage. Distortion2, an Elden Ring speedrunner who beat the game in less than 30 minutesreact to the news in a tweet.

It’s not yet known if Hoarfrost Stomp’s nerf will be significant enough for speedrunners to find an alternative, or what that alternative might be. But now, unfortunately, Hoarfrost Stomp is dead. Long live Hoarfrost Stomp.

https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/17/22982776/elden-ring-patch-notes-hoarfrost-stomp-mimic-tear-ashes-nerf Elden Ring patch nerf speedrunners favorite weapon ability

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