Elden Ring speedrunners race to the bottom

Elden Ring It’s so big and its bosses are so difficult that the average player will probably take over 60 hours to beat it. But the pacers, aided by some traditional speed tricks and the game’s own open design, somehow beat the sprawling game in less than 30 minutes.

For a speed enthusiast, the first days the game was released was extremely exciting. New techniques and optimizations are constantly being discovered, as boss behaviors and runners’ luck work with or against them, making almost any run possible a world record. gender. While ostensibly every athlete races against the clock, two runners appear in Elden Ring speed community, each racing to post lower and lower.

Lil Aggy is a famous member of soul fast running community, make runs at Game Completing Events Fast and Proudly second place in several categories because the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He was the first to post a Elden Ring speed of less than an hour.

“The main glitch in the run right now is something called false warping,” he explains to The Verge.

To achieve this in unbelievably short time, runners are tricking the game through the web of grace to teleport them to Farum Azula’s fall, a late-game dungeon. There they can access the boss battles needed to complete the game at the same time as the regular player obtains the Torrent.

But there’s a huge and deadly gulf between accessing the last few bosses and defeating them when you’re a fresh-faced Tarned.

“The general strategy right now is mostly just abusing the very powerful Ash of War called Hoarfrost Stomp to appeal to bosses as a relatively low-level character,” he said. Hoarfrost Stomp is a skill found in Caria Manor (you know, the adorable place where all the finger spiders are!) and is Icerind Hatchet’s weapon skill. It covers the ground with spikes of ice that explode, stunning and damaging enemies.

From there, Aggy’s getaway was a matter of abusing the save and exit feature to disable the boss’ AI, spamming Hoarfrost Stomp against bosses he couldn’t possibly malfunction, and hopefully without. Any enemy that hits him gets a lucky hit. After a few unfortunate deaths to Godskin Duo and Malikth, The Black Blade, Lil Aggy posted 59:38. It was a world record that lasted for a few short hours before another athlete beat him by 10 minutes.

Distortion2 is another popular accelerator in soul community. Like Aggy, he appeared at GDQs and keep several records and top 10 positions in the game FromSoftware. His Youtube Channel features fast, almost daily succession of shorter and shorter Elden Ring speed: word 49:29arrive 37:15, 36:20, 33:55and finally, 28:59.

His runs have a lot of similarities to Aggy’s. They both start with the samurai class and run almost immediately to Liurnia to get the keys to Raya Lucaria Academy and Icerind Hatchet, but overall his strategy differs slightly from Aggy’s. Besides Hoarfrost Stomp, Distortion2 also uses The Royal Knight’s Determination Ash of War, greatly increases the damage of the player’s next attack, giving him an added advantage (and notably faster) in combat.

His progress to 30 minutes has some of the same pitfalls as Aggy’s, in that he will occasionally be hit by a random enemy he’s running after. The Godskin Duo fight also causes problems as those enemies occasionally hit him through objects and shoot him once.

It’s important to note that while these “world records” are extremely impressive, they are technically not official. Speedrun.comThe widely accepted authority on video game running speed, has decided to keep the rankings for Elden Ring closed until March 18. This one, according to a mod’s post on the forum, “Is giving verifiers enough time to create the appropriate set of rules, and to decide which timing and category methods are appropriate.” Once the leaderboards officially open, Distortion2 and Lil Aggy can submit new and possibly even shorter runs for verification.

Distortion2 believes that this particular category of Elden Ring running speeds could be even lower if runners could figure out how to make a particular glitch more believable. The glitch appears to be a teleport bug, where blocking and moving at the same time can cause a character to be randomly thrown up over great distances.

In the video, Distortion2 uses the glitch to get through the Godskin Duo fight, in these early days Elden Ring speedrunning, is an obligatory (and extremely dangerous) boss fight. The only reason it’s not currently implemented at runtime is because it’s very unreliable. Dist Distortion2 is hoping glitch hunters can figure out how to get it to work consistently, which could make the game’s speed even shorter by 30 minutes.

“This incident really could be one of the most game-breaking things ever in soul game to run for speed,” he says in the video. Elden Ring speedrunners race to the bottom

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