“ElonJet” creator puts his flight tracking account in twitter competition threads


Jack Sweeney, the student behind the “ElonJet” account who follows Elon Musk’s private jet, took to Meta’s threads after Twitter suspended his account last year.

Sweeney’s move to Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter competitor comes months after Musk threatened legal action against the student in December. In posts at the time, Musk warned users against “doxxing real-time location information” as he was referring to “doxxing real-time location information.”crazy stalker”after a car that was transporting his son.

Sweeney, who has shared publicly available information, had over 30 accounts on Twitter following flights by the likes of Musk, former President Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Zuckerberg. according to insiders.

Sweeney, in his first post on Thursdaystated in threads that “ElonJet has arrived”.

The account seen on other competing platforms as mastodon And Blue sky, has over 53,000 followers on threads since the start on Sunday morning.

Sweeney’s suspension prompted Twitter to update its policies about sharing “someone’s private information online,” calling it a violation of the platform’s privacy and rules.

The policy states: “Disclosure of private information can pose a serious security risk to those affected and can result in physical, emotional and financial hardship.”

Sweeney insiders said that he would love to post on threads just like he does on Instagram, adding that he hopes Meta will enable auto-posting on the platform. Sweeney used Instagram to track Musk’s flights after his Twitter ban.

HuffPost reached out to Meta for comment.

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