Elton John concludes farewell tour with “Magical” show: “What A Journey” It’s Been


Elton John ended his farewell tour on Saturday after almost five years and 333 concerts with a “magical” show in Stockholm.

John, whose Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is the most successful tour of all time, ended his 50+ year tour with a hit setlist at the Tele2 Arena.

The legendary singer, who kicked off the tour in 2018, thanked over 6.25million fans ahead of the show for accompanying him on the ‘journey’.

“What a journey this tour has been and now we find ourselves at the end of it.” he wrote in an Instagram post.

John performed several numbers at Saturday’s show, including “Bennie and the Jets”, “Tiny Dancer”, “Candle in the Wind” and “Rocket Man”. BBC reported.

Coldplay also attended John’s concert via video as the band showed their love for the singer and performed “Rocket Man” in Gothenburg, Sweden that same night.

“Elton, all of us here, all the bands and artists that you’ve loved and inspired and helped, want to say we just love you so much and are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us,” said Coldplay- Singer Chris Martin.

The tour concludes just under two weeks after John headlined the final UK show of his tour at the Glastonbury Festival.

John told fans on Saturday he would never tour again, but remained open to the possibility of doing “something in the future,” such as one-off shows.

John, in a statement shared by ConsequenceHe said he “couldn’t have predicted” the twists and turns and ups and downs of the tour.

“And my fans have been with me every step of the way. They stayed with me, they supported me, they were patient and they’ve been there at every single show,” John said.

“Tonight was magical. I’m trying to process it and I don’t think it will be a while before I finally finish touring. I can’t tell you how much I will miss the fans and how humbled I am by their support – they will always be remembered.”

John ended his show with a performance of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” after thanking the fans – and his family – for their support.

“It was my lifeblood playing for you guys and you guys were absolutely amazing, thank you very much,” John told the audience.

“I will never forget you, I have played so many concerts, how could I forget that. You are in my head, my heart and my soul. And thank you very much.”

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