Emmanuel Macron’s vision of a new “European political community”

Emmanuel Macron has revealed plans for the UK, Ukraine and other non-EU countries to join forces as part of a new “European political community”.

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In a speech to mark Europe Day, the French President said leaders had a “historic obligation” to set up a “new European organization” that would “enable democratic European nations to create a new space for political cooperation, Security, energy cooperation, transport, investments, infrastructure [and] the movement of the people”.

Joining the group “would not necessarily prejudge future EU membership,” he told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday, nor would “it be closed to those who have left”.

New world order

Politically reported that Macron, who was sworn in for his second term as president on Saturday, provided “virtually no details about the proposal.” And the Élysée Palace “has not presented fact sheets or other policy briefs, as has been the case on previous occasions when Macron laid out bold recipes for Europe”.

Instead, he “appears to be largely improvising,” the news site added, “apparently even surprising some of his own advisers.”

The French leader outlined a “political community” that would be “open to democratic European nations that adhere to their core values ​​in areas such as political cooperation, security, energy cooperation, transport, infrastructure investment or passenger transport,” he said Reuters.

In a “wink to Ukraine,” the news site continued, Macron made it clear that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s goal of joining the EU “could take several years” and that Kyiv needed to be given “some hope in the short term.”

“Tomorrow we must make peace. Let’s never forget that,” Macron said. “We have to do this with Ukraine and Russia at the same table. This does not happen through denial, nor through the exclusion of one or the other, nor through humiliation.”

The group is also likely to include “countries like those in the Balkans, Moldova and Georgia,” none of which are “ready for EU membership,” he said The timesParis correspondent Charles Bremner. Apparently the door is open to Brexit as well, with Macron having “indicated” that countries that have left the EU “want to be part of this new club”.

Great vision

Macron’s call for a new body “comes as EU states bicker over how quickly Kyiv’s application for membership should move forward.” The guardreported Brussels correspondent Jennifer Rankin. The issue will reach a “sticking point” in June, when “heads of state and government will decide whether to grant candidate status to Ukraine.”

As is well known, the French President is pleading for “a quick decision on the candidate status”, and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, supported by “Central and Eastern European countries”, has also advocated “quick processing”, wrote Rankin.

But “Western European members” are “cautious about allowing Ukraine to proceed quickly.” They have expressed concerns that Kyiv would not be able to “complete vital political reforms” before joining the bloc, arguing that a swift process would “stoke tensions” with six Western Balkan countries that “have been in the queue for years.” stuck for EU membership”. “.

Macron’s proposed new organization not only offers an alternative for Ukraine, but would also give Britain a chance to develop a “closer relationship with Brussels”, albeit in an “EU-dominated” grouping, he said The Telegraph.

But under Macron’s plan, countries like Britain and Ukraine could “choose their level of integration with Brussels,” the paper continued. The proposal “has echoes” of his earlier calls for a “multi-speed Europe” made up of “concentric circles” and would likely leave “the UK on the outer ring of the new organisation”.

The “organization Macron described sounded a lot like the EU,” Politico said. But by proposing “new levels of political affiliation” with the bloc, he also risks “calling into question some of the Union’s most valuable, cherished and unshakable pillars, including a balance of rights and duties that underpins allegiance to EU law.” and payments involved into a common household”.

And “it was Britain’s very demands to enjoy membership privileges while avoiding obligations” that led to the country’s “recent and bitter separation from the EU”. Emmanuel Macron’s vision of a new “European political community”

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