Emmerdale: 5 things we still need to answer after giant stunt episode of ITV soap

Emmerdale provided an incredibly dramatic episode last night, as Cain and Chas were caught in a car crash and Noah was still waiting to find out his fate after he spied on Chloe. Here’s a look at the questions we still need to answer

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Emmerdale: Cain tries to get out of car after collision

Emmerdale aired a huge episode last night, full of stunts and lots of drama.

In the dramatic episode, Chas and Cain Dingle nearly lose their lives in a horrific car crash, as Cain chases his arch-nemesis Al on a country road, while Noah is angered by Kerry. furiously pushed into an empty grave to get revenge on Chloe.

Elsewhere, Gabby realizes she has accidentally shot and killed Dawn’s father Will – but only when Dawn comes to help her hide the body – while Faith learns she has incurable breast cancer and while she Without being given any specific information on how long she would live, her daughter-in-law Moira brutally advocated that her life be shortened.

Here’s a look at the questions we still need to answer after a giant Emmerdale episode.

Is Jamie Tate a Gabby follower?

Who’s spying on Gabby – and if it’s Jamie, what does he want?



Gabby had long suspected Jamie Tate was her stalker and tried to torture her and take their son away. She recently found out he was alive after his daughter revealed the truth and now Dawn and she are sure he must be after discovering his watch.

The mother of one child is increasingly concerned for her family’s safety, especially after a gift from a growing child with ‘daddy’s star’ on it was left at Home Farm, sparking her speculation it was from Jamie.

But if it was the Will Taylor she shot, and not the Jamie she thought it was, who left the parcel and was it Jamie?

As viewers, we know he’s alive – but will he come back? And now that they’ve had to confess to Will what they know about Jamie, how long until Kim finds out the truth – that Jamie faked his own death?

Will Liam’s lies catch up with him?

After shooting Will, Gabby and Dawn call Liam to help them and treat their gunshot wounds, without the need for ambulance services and thanks to that it is discovered that Gabby took the gun and used it in the woods. .

Liam has lied again – but will this catch him?


Emmerdale / Youtube)

Dr Liam Cavanagh is the village’s local GP and he lied once – telling the police he didn’t push Meena off the bridge – but now he’s lying again, covering up for the trio begged him to keep the incident a secret.

As a doctor, Liam should report what happened – but when he leaves the house, he promises to keep it a secret, as long as others do the same. But if this comes to light, what will happen to Liam and will he lose his career?

Who has Noah’s laptop – and what will they do with it?

Noah’s laptop has all the proof he’s spying on Chloe



Noah tracked down Chloe, keeping all the footage on his (unlocked) laptop. It was stolen from Charity’s house by Amy, who gave it to Al, who then drove with it. That is what causes Cain – and Chas – to chase their enemies and eventually lead to a massive car crash, leaving both injured.

While Cain is being treated by the paramedics, he tells Chas to go get the laptop from Al’s car, and at the end of the episode we find out from Al that he doesn’t have a laptop. again when he suggested to Kerry that it was stolen. car in all the carnage that ensued.

However, we know Al is not 100% real and has exact revenge plans for Noah, so does he still have the laptop after all or is it in the arms of Noah’s family?

What will happen to Noah?

So far, Noah has managed to escape all this stalking drama. Charity has been asked by David to do the right thing and get the police involved, but Chloe still doesn’t want the police involved herself.

Noah on loan because Chloe’s family desperately wants to see him served justice



No word from Chloe if she is going to the police and Charity doesn’t want the police involved, will Noah evade justice? Al and Kerry have also made it clear that they plan to get revenge on him, but at what cost?

And with the laptop currently ‘missing’, if someone goes to the police, will they have evidence to take Noah to court for his crimes or will he manage to drop it again ?

What’s next for Faith?

Faith’s health troubles have only just begun



Faith received some heartbreaking news on last night’s episode when she was told her cancer had returned – and while it’s treatable, it’s not curable. She was supported by her daughter-in-law Moira when she received the news, but she has yet to tell her children, Chas and Cain, of her health difficulties, although Moira has begged her to do so.

At the end of the episode, we see a tear roll down Faith’s face as she looks at Cain and Chas side by side in the ward, as she thinks about her own health battle and how it will affect her. How about her future.

But how long does Faith last? Will she be able to tell her children that her cancer has returned and how her diagnosis affects the entire Dingle family, if she has the heart to tell them? ?

* Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV.

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