Emmerdale fans baffled by ‘invincible’ Meena as she survives fifth fatal disaster

Serial killer Emmerdale Meena Jutla has been compared to Halloween villain Michael Myers, as she escaped several incidents almost unharmed.

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Emmerdale: Liam facing Meena on the bridge

Emmerdale viewers began to question whether the killer Meena Jutla had superhero powers, when she survived a death plunge above ITV soap this week.

However, this is not the first time the serial killer has survived a horrific death, with her at the center of a number of deaths in just the past few months.

From the explosions, the horrible falls and the rest, the character managed to survive all the time – while others have not been so lucky.

In October, Meena was trapped in a burning maze after she killed Andrea Tate – but she was saved by Mackenzie Boyd.

She was hospitalized for smoke inhalation, but went home for a few days – while Andrea died, and Priya Sharma suffered severe burns.

Emmerdale viewers are starting to question whether the killer Meena Jutla has superhero powers



Meena then gets hurt when she had a little drink at The Hide while chasing Ben Tuckerwith her seemed to bang her head.

Meena is playing on her wounds, when she runs away before the brutal kill Ben with the paddle.

Only a month or so, and Meena is wounded in another fireball, this time it was the pub explosion caused by Al Chapman.

Serial killer Emmerdale Meena Jutla has been compared to Halloween villain Michael Myers, as she escaped several incidents almost unharmed.



While her sister Manpreet Sharma comatose after head injuryMeena has woken up and about the next day, seems to have only scratches on her face.

Then there’s her attacked by Liam Cavanagh in Januarywhen he finds out she will Take Vinny Dingle and Manpreet hostage in a warehouse, and she planned to kill them.

Liam hits Meena on the head with a wooden plank causing her to fall to the ground unconscious.

From explosions, falls to horror and the rest, the character manages to last all the time



But while Vinny and the other characters were knocked down for hours when she had previously attacked them this way, Meena got up and run away from her wonderful escape.

Now last week aired another serious incident with the villain, like Liam pushed her off a bridge to avenge the murder of her daughter Leanna – who died this way.

While Leanna died almost instantly, helpless by the fact that Meena left her dead and unaided, Meena survived.

Meena had a punctured lung and broken ribs, before lying down again, so this time she would probably have died if not resuscitated.

Fans pointed this out when compared to Leanna dying from the same fall, but even with help Leanna could die if she died within minutes of the fall.

Viewers can’t help but be confused with how Meena can survive such dangerous incidents, while others are not so lucky.

Viewers couldn’t help but wonder if Meena had survived such dangerous incidents

Of course ITV needs to keep Meena alive in the plot, but some fans consider her to be “invincible” and claim that she clearly has “power”.

Taken to TwitterOne fan said: “Only MEENA can slide on wine alive, get hit in the face with a score of 4+2 survive, get pushed off a bridge and just crack a rib.”

Another concurred: “Yes, so within a few days of falling across the same bridge as Leanna (who died), Meena survived, got out of the ICU, and was discharged? Well, here it is, in 1 from MIRACULOUS. Oh, don’t forget poor Leyla, who was shot but is still recovering poorly in the hospital.”

A third fan added: “How did Meena survive this push over the bridge when Leanna didn’t? Doesn’t make sense.”

Meanwhile, a fourth viewer joked, “It’s ridiculous. That Meena has to be invincible. It’s like a fantasy movie,” as a fifth fan said: “Meena is invincible. defeated than Superman lmao.”

Another wrote: “Who cares at this point (months!), Enough about Meena, I think she’s Michael Myers now.”

Are there any theories or thoughts on the plot? Let us know in the comments section below

Emmerdale airs at 7pm weekly on ITV, with an additional episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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