Emmerdale spoilers for next week – horror racist attack to devastating decision


Change is imminent for residents on Emmerdale – better for some, worse for others.

A well-loved villager will return home, but it will be difficult for the family to adjust to a new life together.

Would a catastrophic incident have tragic consequences for all involved?

Meanwhile, another will be forced to choose between his career or his morals as he must confront a case that has caused an uproar in the village.

What will he choose to do? Here’s what’s coming to the ITV soap next week…

Marlon Dingle returns home – but April is in trouble

Marlon Dingle will eventually return home – but things won’t go as well as her daughter April struggles to adjust.

Last month, Marlon (Mark Charnock) suffered a debilitating stroke and was hospitalized.

Since then, it’s been a long uphill battle for Marlon as he grapples with the new challenges he faces, including difficulty forming simple words.

Marlon Dingle Will Finally Return Home on Emmerdale

The following week, Marlon prepares to finally return home, and an exhilarating April prepares decorations to welcome him back.

At the hospital, Marlon prepares to leave and thanks Gail for his help before returning home for an emotional reunion with his daughter.

But when he settles down, everyone finds chaos as they try to find a path forward that works for everyone.

April was happy to be with her father, but when she helped him drink a glass of water, she was horrified when he began to choke.

Fearing that he might have another stroke, April frantically called Rhona.

April is scared to help dad

The two are then distraught and April decides to spend time at a friend’s house instead of home when Marlon is frustrated by the stress his condition is placing on his family.

Marlon is determined to return to the hospital and Rhona is forced to play the mediator between him and his daughter.

Wanting to make the situation right, April has an emotional conversation with Marlon – but can she convince him to stay with them at home?

As the family begins to navigate their new future, Marlon continues to struggle to communicate.

Racist attack left Billy ‘broken’ and left with serious injuries

Ethan Anderson will find himself in a difficult situation as he must defend the racist who attacked Billy Fletcher.

Can he go against his conscience for his new job?

However, things seem to go well at first as he and Marcus (Darcy Gray) continue to grow closer as Ethan (Emile John) moves into Tall Trees.

Soon, Ethan also hears good news about his future at work and the pair toast to a successful day, but both are disappointed after Ethan is urgently called in to work.

Ethan is cornered

At the police station, he meets Jordan, who has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

Determined to make a good impression, Ethan takes on the case – but is startled to recognize the victim on CCTV footage – Billy.

Meanwhile, Billy (Jay Kontzle) is in the hospital after suffering horrific injuries from the attack and feels devastated when he tells Dawn it’s racially motivated.

Billy left terrible wounds after the beating

Will and Dawn believe justice will prevail, but Billy isn’t so sure.

Back at the police station, Ethan said that although he knew Billy, there was no conflict of interest but suggested to Jordan that he might prefer to seek out an alternate agent.

However, Jordan was adamant that he wanted Ethan to be his legal advisor, and Ethan was left in a dilemma.

Harriet then runs into Ethan at the station and tries to encourage him to withdraw from the case as it could negatively affect his personal relationships.

Will Ethan decide to stick with the case or follow his allegiance?

Noah’s tracking behavior becomes complicated as he makes a dark choice to get Chloe back

Noah Dingle has worried mother Charity and others in recent months after his strange behavior with girls.

Unfortunately, Noah was unable to accept the breakup with Chloe and continued to haunt her.

Noah continues to follow Chloe



This week, Noah (Jack Downham) has been trying very hard to get Chloe (Jessie Elland) concert tickets, but she doesn’t care and leaves with Nate at the first chance she gets.

The other Noah feels revengeful seeing the pair together as Chloe cheers for Nate, who was upset after hearing that Tracy was dating someone new.

The following week, Noah’s behavior escalates when he encounters Chloe in the pub.

When she lost focus, Noah took the opportunity to steal Chloe’s phone… what was he up to?

Jai’s drug addiction leads to a confrontation with Laurel as Kim takes revenge

Jai Sharma’s week is set to go from bad to worse after Kim Tate seeks revenge.

New ITV spoils reveal Kim (Claire King) has shown anger towards Jai in upcoming episodes when she sees her staff on the line outside HOP and immediately dismisses him until when he resolved the situation.

With a customer hotline, Kim asks Jai (Chris Bisson) to bring her employee back inside but she is stunned by his reaction.

The next day, Kim was furious when she was forced to work as a waitress when a rich friend came over for coffee.

Later, Jai and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) meet wayward Kim and present a case study on zero-time contracts.

Hoping they made a difference, that night Laurel went to Holdgate to tell Jai she wanted to get back to normal after seeing how he acted during the strike.

Jai was set up after someone left drugs in his wallet



The two are overjoyed to finally be reunited and Jai is on top of the world – but Kim is clearly still bitter about his recent actions.

When Jai realizes his wallet is missing, he and Laurel go back to Take A Vow to search but when they find it in the back of the chair, they are shocked to discover a small bag of drugs inside.

Both Laurel and Jai’s sister Priya accuse him of drug possession, and the confused Jai struggles for an explanation.

Assuming this is an admission of guilt, Laurel explodes with rage – and Jai believes Kim planted drugs to trap him.

The next day, Jai is determined to win the Laurel ring and when she explains his story, he almost collapses with relief.

But that all changed when that evening, Rishi told Laurel in shock about how the kids nearly made Jai take drugs when he was close to relapse a few weeks ago.

Laurel’s anger boils, shocked at what the kids might have mixed together, and Jai holds back her tears as she realizes she’s just lost everything.

With Jai struggling to keep working, his argument with Laurel behind the counter causes Kim to put both of their jobs in jeopardy.

* Emmerdale airs at 7pm on weekdays on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays

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