Energy Saving Tips For The Modern Home-owner

Today, more than ever, it is important to be conscious when it comes to saving energy at home—not only from an eco-friendly perspective, but for the good of your wallet as well. In this article, we’ll share some handy energy saving tips for the modern home-owner. 

1.       Seal cracks and air leaks around your property

A good place to start is buying going around your home and sealing cracks and air leaks using caulk. Inspect your window and door frames as these are the common culprits of gaps that let the warmth in your home out (and the pests in).

2.      Switch to LED lighting

Swap out all of your old light bulbs and switch to LEDs! These use up a significant amount less energy than traditional lightbulbs and can even come in a wide variety of colours and colour temperatures as well.

3.      Invest in a decent floor-fan

If you are tired of having your air-conditioning running at full blast throughout the summer, consider using a floor fan and opening up some windows. Your average fan will consume far less energy and although they aren’t quite as effective as an aircon unit, they can still help you sleep comfortably at night.

Similarly, having windows and doors open can help you regulate the temperature in your home for free!

     4 . Turn off the lights!

It can be easy to forget to turn the lights off now and again, but it is important that you get into the habit of switching off lights whenever you leave a room. As for friends and family, start drilling this habit into them as well – particularly your children. It’s important for the next generation to be energy conscious.

     5. Use your bathroom fans

Bathrooms fans are excellent for sucking out and removing excess heat, humidity, and moisture from your home.

     6. Eat out now and again

While dining out in most Western countries is expensive and often considered as being a rare treat, in countries like Thailand, where food is exceptionally cheap, it is more viable to eat out as often as you’d like. Not only will you be supporting local businesses by doing so, but you can cut back on your energy costs at home as well.

    7. Upgrade to a new property

If you were thinking about moving anyway, buying a new-build property is an excellent choice. For example, there are houses for sale in Nichada Thani which will be much cheaper to run than an older property. Modern developers are always looking to reduce their carbon footprint as best they can and one effective way of doing so is by producing green, energy-efficient property.

    8. Spend more time outdoors

Another effective way of keeping the energy bills down is by spending more time outdoors. Rather than sit at home and watch telly, why not go for a swim instead? Take up a new hobby and get your daily exercise. It’s a great way to keep energy bills down, reduce your carbon footprint, and promote a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle!

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