EVE online players participated in a recent trial Pro pack sale


To say that the EVE Online community is enthusiastic is an overstatement. Usually, changes encounter a mix of praise and criticism, which is quite normal for most games, but EVE often captures more passion in criticism from players. However, a recent sale by the developer featured many famous players joining the chorus of criticism.

The Pros Inspector pack, which is currently on sale by developer CCP Games, has some players joining for a very specific reason: to make money from selling skills and ships. With NIGHT, everything in the universe is generally player-created. However, with the Pros Inspector Bundle, those forking out $24.99 will not only get the mining skills needed to fly an advanced barge, but also a fully equipped Retriever, which is a Higher level mining barges, to boot. By providing the skills to fly this, as well as the barge itself, this pack eliminates both the time needed to learn the skills, as well as the economy of the players in the game by providing grant a ship that can be built and sold by a shipbuilder. .

This isn’t the first time CCP has sold a ship or skills as part of a package like this, although it has received feedback that may be of interest to CCP staff. A group of current and former members of By EVE The Stellar Board of Directors took to Reddit to write an open letter to the developers, detailing their thoughts on the Tester Bundle.

The open letter makes the argument that players have expressed concerns about monetization for years now, since the Summer of Rage 2011.

“From 2011’s “Summer of Rage” to monthly complaints from players about various ads and new monetization schemes, no one can argue that the core player base in EVE Online matters. deeply interested in monetization and very skeptical about the direction of CCP monetization Core players were deeply afraid that there would be a slope to play when it comes to monetizing EVE and what CCP was previously seen as the thing which CCP should never do (e.g. sell skill points directly to players) has finally been accepted.CSM and CCP have discussed these issues continuously over the years.As a group of current and former CSM members, many of whom have served on multiple CSMs to date, we can speak from personal experience each has seen in- The in-depth, ongoing discussions between CSMs and CCP on these issues, and we have discussed them with everyone on the senior leadership team from the CEO down.”

CCP Games has been selling packs targeting new players for years, equipped with equipped ships, though CSM admits that’s less of an issue since the New Player Experience also offers ships similar to a reward for completing the tutorial. However, members who signed on to the open letter called the latest example the “most serious” cross-border monetization.

Selling ships and skills equipped directly by the CCP is a sticking point for many players, as many have suggested it could disrupt the economy and industry in New Eden. The open letter delves into these points and more, pointing out that while they understand new players may well simply need PLEX to get this same bundle (which Pros Inspector Bundle $24.99 also comes with PLEX), but it will at least force new players to interact with the game and the player’s economy in a meaningful way.

A major concern as a result of this is players, especially CSM that many NIGHT pilots seek advice, feeling they can’t “in good faith” tell the player that this is where it will end.

“Honestly, we can’t tell any of the players involved in this sale that this is as far as possible, because we’ve seen, twice now, the CCP’s willingness to cross the line that we believe it’s completely over the limit that players assume that the CCP will start selling cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers, terrible and even super carriers and titanium-equipped ships for money – concerns some of us said were unfounded just yesterday – are now justifiable and need to be heard.”

While open letters to developers are nothing new, especially in the MMO space, what gives this letter a little more weight are the names signed on the letter itself. The Star Board is a player-elected board that acts as a link between the CCP and the players it represents. Many players are listed as celebrities NIGHT pilots have earned the trust of their fellow pilots.

The letter also warned that this type of sale “has the potential to wipe out” the confidence that CCP has built up after revisiting floating pneumatics late last year.

You can view the full open letter on Reddit. CCP is on the hunt for new players, with the current Pros Inspector Pack going on sale concurrently with a new mining guide being added to the New Player Experience, making it easier to learn how to earn NIGHT.

We’ve reached out to CCP Games for comment on the open letter and will update this story if the studio makes it available. EVE online players participated in a recent trial Pro pack sale

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