EverQuest 2: Vetrovia expansion review

As a fan EverQuest and EverQuest II, As each one is released, there’s a nice bit of nostalgia going back to the game during the holidays after a six-year hiatus. EverQuest II Vetrovia increased the level cap from 120 to 125, removed a few systems to make the game accessible, and continued the story of some classic EQ characters. The team at Darkpaw Games have made a solid expansion with just a few issues.

Many of the systems and elements felt unfamiliar at first, and it took me just over a week to get back into the game. My first hurdle was getting over the sheer amount of messy inventory. Logging my level 95 Warden into a full bank and bags with over 30 slots per storage reminded me of how much random stuff you collect on adventures in EverQuest 2. When i sorted out my existing characters and a new one was in the works, it happened. It didn’t take me long to notice that the quest in the VoV expansion accumulates loot quickly.

The crafting system is easy enough to get up to speed since I started from zero in a new profession. The initial trading skills quests serve as a great guide to the basics. The developers at Darkpaw Games introduced blueprints in VoV, where max level crafters can rework items at the cost of 20% additional resources. I can see the appeal of blueprints, especially for quickly creating lots of ammo or consumables.

Alternate advancements are another challenge that took me a while to customize to level up with over 300 points and a few new tabs from previous expansions to explore. For players who are not interested in creating custom builds, you can also use default builds. Personally, I just like to tailor things to my personal taste.

I upgraded my Channelers to level 10 before increasing them to 120 and started playing through the VoV signature quest. I admit that the first problems I ran into were all I was doing. After Power-Up: I equip the provided gear without much attention, then take on my first few quests.

Due to the clutter in my inventory and icon size, I missed two of my high tier buffs, which dropped me below the Potency needed to effectively damage enemies. Once I’ve got my boosters sorted, I double back to check out Tishan’s Lockbox near the top of the first area. The equipment it offers is a bit better and includes more decorations. For the uninitiated, the jewel adds various combat effects, increases Potency (a multiplier for spells/against damage and healing), and increases Fervor (a multiplier for the total) for equipment.

When you strengthen a character, you also need to set up your Acquaintance, Mercenary, and Mountain. Level up each item to reach their full potential as item/timer, and a protective set of gear can add a nice amount of potential. Though if you are willing to spend an actual amount on the Market, the system can be bypassed.

I’m grateful that the developers decided to remove two systems in this expansion, equipping Transmission and Fortification. Otherwise, setting up my device will take longer and be even more complicated.

For anyone thinking of getting back to playing the new expansion, I highly recommend checking out the Official EQ 2 Forums, namely VoV Guide for Beginners (or Old Players). It will save you the headache with a good summary for setting up a level 120 character.

Then I started taking out enemies instead of effectively shooting them with Nerf arrows. Combat feels great in EverQuest 2, and sometimes I enjoy a sense of danger if I end up with too many enemies at once or there’s a big boss roaming the background. Tabbed targeting remains in place. I quickly found myself getting back into the rhythm of swiping through enemies and using the 6 hot bars I normally have on screen.

VoV begins the player in Svarni Expanse, where you discover other characters that have run aground or shipwrecked on the island. The graphics in EQ 2 are still good, and while the engine is showing its age, the art team has done an incredible job with parts of the environment. The game tends to reuse a lot of enemy models in different areas, but the new ones in VoV look great.


I quickly met up with the local centaur tribe and began working my way through the unique story quests. The story starts off a bit slow, but by the time I get to the end of the first area, there are enough interesting plot points that it starts to draw in. By introducing the vampire and Mayong before the second area, it succeeded in pulling me along. I’m not sure how the centaurs would blend in with the zombie/vampire storyline about Mayong Mistmoor, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

The first centaur village you enter is perfectly suited to the coastal/swamp area. Exploring a dwarf village of the undead in the first area has a good, albeit creepy, atmosphere that is carried over to similar areas in the second area, Karuupa Jungle. Each area in VoV is interesting and relevant to its own theme, but they can be tedious to go through. Having to go back and forth multiple times to do turn-based quests further increases this. Thankfully, completing each region-specific quest unlocks the ability to fly so I can ultimately avoid most aggressive enemies.

I’ve noticed that the number of quests available is very sparse at times. But as I completed more of the signature story, enough side quests became available to keep me going. However, if you quickly get bored with the killing and fetching quests, brace yourself – there are plenty of them. Vetrovia’s photo.. While I find myself running back and forth a lot, I’m also always on the lookout for hero enemies, public events, and collectibles that break things that could become a bit of a bore. at level 125.

Solo stages in VoV are fun and help break missions in land areas. While there are some simple tank/DPS style encounters, at least a few bosses in each dungeon can be a challenge until you figure out the mechanics. I had two fights that were my most memorable. On one occasion I needed to replace the items/toys in the display case to calm the boss down, otherwise he would end up resentful enough to kill you. The other is the final battle of the expansion’s signature solo mission, where you’ll need to sacrifice enemies and clear the mobs as they spawn.

I teamed up with my wife to do a number of named land hero encounters in each region and complete one example. Killing the target is slow, but it’s fun. We’ll go back and retry the versioning stuff when we’re both level 125.

Two things have let me down as a returning player. First, the in-game economy is in dire straits. Many of the items listed on the broker were selling at such high prices that I didn’t even bother to look. I can see the price is a shock to new players and old players.

Second, the game sometimes crashes or freezes after a few hours of play. The problem usually occurs when zoning and the client will close without warning first. More rarely, I can also get a semi-transparent white on the client window and it freezes while performing the task.

Although this extended start time was a bit slow, I enjoyed almost all of my time with VoV. The final plot and three final boss battles of the featured mission are fun and exciting. The boss designs look great for these battles and it adds to the lore of EverQuest 2. They put everything together pleasingly. Unfortunately, the ending is a predictable story. While it’s not enough to ruin the experience, it’s actually a disappointing note in the end.


Overall, the expansion is good. The graphics are fine, the combat is fun, and the new areas are fun to explore. The developers did a great job with the story, and while the ending was a bit of a letdown, it left enough open story threads to hope for something interesting in a patch in the future. future. Everquest 2 Vetrovia kept me engaged and piqued my interest in EQ 2 to the point where I started a new Monk and was already at level 50.

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