Ex-DOJ official predicts more charges in Trump election subversion case


The DC Grand Jury is investigating Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election results We’re reportedly meeting again this weekand a former Justice Department official doesn’t think it will bring good news for the former president.

On Sunday, MSNBC’s Jen Psaki asked former acting Attorney General Neal Katyal if he thought more charges were likely.

Katyal, who is now a legal analyst on the network, was clear in her answer.

“I do,” he told the former Biden White House press secretary.

Why? “One reason is that Donald Trump’s MO is obstruction of justice, interference, and using a single attorney for a group of co-defendants to get them all on the same page,” Katyal explained.

Watch the interview here:

Katyal noticed how a Mar-a-Lago employee was doing is now working with the public prosecutor in the case of Trump’s secret documents and “there’s a massive obstruction investigation underway there.”

“And I suspect that something similar could happen in relation to January 6th,” he added.

The indictment in the DC case included six unnamed co-conspirators who may still face charges. Trump’s trial is is scheduled to start on March 4th.

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