Ex-GOP Gov. Reveals Vicious Criticism About DeSantis: He’s ‘Really Below Average’


Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (right) unleashed a wave of criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for running “one of the worst” presidential campaigns he’s ever seen.

Hogan, who in March rejected a possible 2024 presidential nomination, said Major Garrett of CBS News On Wednesday, he said he thinks DeSantis “really underperformed” as polls show the Florida governor trails former President Donald Trump by double digits in the GOP nomination youngest National Survey, Politico noted.

“He was the one who got all the attention… extensive coverage on Fox News, he was the only one besides Trump who really got a lot of attention, He raised He had a lot of money and was a pretty successful governor in a big state who got reelected and then started making all kinds of mistakes,” Hogan said.

“I think the campaign is one of the worst I’ve seen so far and he dropped like a stone.”

Hogan, who said DeSantis’ campaign is “near the end,” said the Florida governor is heading in the wrong direction, further revealing what he believes was the “key flaw” in his 2024 bid.

“The culture wars, the stupid comments about Ukraine… he has some strengths but also some weaknesses,” Hogan said.

“I mean, he just doesn’t connect with people, he’s not a good campaigner, he’s not a good debater. He’s a smart guy, went to Yale and Harvard.”

“It doesn’t lead to that,” Garrett interjected.

“It doesn’t lead to that. He says he went to school somewhere in the Northeast, but yeah, I think, you know, everyone thought he was the guy to beat, and I don’t think too many people think that,” Hogan said .

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