Ex-prosecutor on Trump’s CNN Town Hall: He ‘continues to incriminate himself’


Glenn Kirschner, a former US Army prosecutor and legal analyst at MSNBC, stated that former President Donald Trump was “determined to continue to directly incriminate himself” while following his CNN Town Hall event “deepening his own legal grave.” digs”. last week. (You can listen to the Kirschner clip below)

In a video posted to his YouTube page, Kirschner criticized CNN for the “imprudent” decision to host Trump, whom he described as a man trying to end American democracy.

“Something good has come out of this because Donald Trump has provided prosecutors and plaintiffs with some directly incriminating and actionable evidence,” Kirschner previously said recalling his comments on classified documents along with his lying about a Georgia election official.

At other times during the event, the former president taunted moderator Kaitlan Collins as well as E. Jean Carroll, who had just won a sex abuse lawsuit against Trump and is considering suing him again over his comments about her on Wednesday.

“The jury awarded punitive damages [to Carroll]… Punitive damages are intended to prevent Donald Trump from spreading defamatory lies in the future. And of course, within a few days of that jury verdict, Donald Trump immediately retires and does it all over again,” Kirschner said.

“Donald Trump is not deterred by a jury verdict or punitive damages, a judge’s admonition not to say such things, a judge’s guard or mouth guard.” You know what will deter Donald Trump? A prison cell.”

CNN has faced criticism for airing the event, a decision host Anderson Cooper tried to defend, a comment that has since been dismissed by MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Kirschner argued in his video that Trump “should not be given a microphone and a platform to spit out his lies.”

“Even if a by-product of this mic and this platform is causing him to dig his own legal grave deeper as he continues to incriminate himself,” he said.

“It’s time to scare off Donald Trump. Because justice counts.”

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