Ex-prosecutor says new Trump witness will be key to conviction


New details about a witness who reportedly claims Donald Trump essentially told her to lie to investigators could be key to his conviction in the secret documents case, former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons said Tuesday on CNN.

“She just has damning information,” he told the station’s Erin Burnett. “I mean, that’s compelling evidence.”

He was referring to Molly Michael, a former adviser to Trump both in the White House and in his post-presidency offices in Florida.

Both ABC News And The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Trump had specific instructions when he realized investigators would question them about the boxes of classified documents he kept after he left the White House.

“You don’t know anything about the boxes,” she said Trump said, according to both reports.

Timmons said that in every case there is a point where the case is won or lost. If Trump testifies, that would probably be the point.

“But if not, then it’s this witness,” he said. “She is the key witness.”

He predicted that her testimony and cross-examination will ultimately be “the key to whether the former president is convicted” in the secret documents case.

Trump faces a total of 91 charges in four different criminal cases.

The full discussion can be found below.

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