Ex-prosecutor warns of Trump’s ‘danger’ to witnesses and jury


Glenn Kirschner — a former US Army prosecutor and current legal analyst at MSNBC — warned of the threat Donald Trump poses to witnesses and jurors when he declared the former president is a “danger.”

“I am concerned that the judges have not yet addressed the danger, continuing danger, and proven danger that Donald Trump poses to witnesses, juries, prosecutors, judges and their families,” Kirschner told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah in an interview shared on Friday.

“I hope that at some point the judges will realize that Donald Trump is a danger to the community and that he should be detained pending trial as this will gradually neutralize the threat, also because you will take his megaphone away from him.” I think we will have this conversation over the coming months.”

Georgia officials also said in August they were investigating threats against jurors who indicted Trump and 18 others last month.

Obeidallah asked the former federal prosecutor on Friday if Trump was “dwarfed.”[s] the “concerns” he had about people with whom he stood trial in previous cases.

Before speaking about Trump, Kirschner described his dealings with a criminal organization he linked to 30 murders, which involved an anonymous jury and other security measures due to the “danger” posed by the group.

“And guess what? They still got through to some of the jurors, and some of the jurors had to be released mid-trial,” Kirschner said, adding that he had tried cases with the “tightest security measures” in DC

“I worry even more about Donald Trump because his reach is so wide, his supporters are so rabid at times and so unrealistic. I’m sorry, it’s a cult.”

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