Expert shares how to teach your dog to respect you and behave calmly


Canine behaviorist and trainer Adem Fehmi shares four ways owners can teach their dogs to respect them, saying that patience and practice are the keys to a well-behaved and calm pet

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In return, you should respect your dog, Adem says

New pet owners may be concerned about how to train their dog to respect them and respond to commands.

Canine behaviorist Adem Fehmi has teamed up with a natural dog food brand Barking Heads to pass on his expert knowledge from 20 years of experience.

Adem told The Mirror: “In my long career as a dog behaviorist and trainer, I’ve found that when owners say they want their dog to ‘respect’ them, they really mean they want their dog to be happy goes. Following manners and orders, e.g. B. Heel or come back when called.

“You may also want your dog to behave calmly at home or when out and about.”

Adem shares four ways you can teach your dog to respectfully listen to and respond to your commands.

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Motivational treats can help train your pup to behave respectfully


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Provide motivation

Just like humans, dogs like to have an end goal and a reward for their hard work.

“It’s important to understand exactly what motivates your individual dog, whether it’s food, play, or affection — or a combination of all of these things,” says Adem.

“Then you can effectively reward the ‘respectful’ behaviors you want while ignoring the behaviors you don’t want.

“If you time your reward well, your dog should be able to quickly tell what you want him to see and what you don’t want him to see.”

Be consistent and patient

“Second, if we want our dog to obey commands, we need to make sure he understands those commands,” says Adem.

“They can only understand them if they have been taught them consistently and clearly.”

Adem recommends regular positive reinforcement-based training to “help you develop a greater understanding and bond with your dog.”

“This, in turn, helps them learn your language and what to do when presented with certain command words like ‘stay’ or ‘come,'” explains Adem.

Positive reinforcement training is the secret to getting your dog to listen to you


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Don’t reward every action

“When giving commands, it’s also important to consider how your dog will respond to those commands,” says Adem.

“There is a difference between an excited and perhaps impetuous response and a calm and alert response to one’s surroundings.

“The latter is what most owners would want and would consider respectful.

“When you begin your training journey, it’s perfectly fine to just look for your dog to do the action.

“However, in order to achieve what we call ‘respectful’ behavior, as the training progresses it is important that you reward not only the action correlated with a command, but also the dog’s attitude and the way it responds performs the action.

“If we want our dogs to be calm, relaxed, and respectful, all we have to do is reward and reinforce that type of behavior. Patience can be the key here.”

You should only reward commands that are executed in a controlled manner



Be respectful to them

Our dogs observe and mimic our own actions, so it’s important that we show them respect and develop a balanced relationship.

Adem adds, “Being around your dog calmly and respectfully will also help encourage the same behavior from him and help us avoid unintentionally rewarding the behavior we don’t want to see.”

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